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How to increase profits without increasing win %

As we head into our busy time the importance of shopping and acquiring the best line possible when you bet cannot be overstated.

It does not matter what the $ value is of your unit. Successful sports bettors know the value of half a point on the spread or a penny on the money line. Successful bettors will be on the right side of a half point victory more times than not. They will win when others push and they will push when others lose. When a line has moved against them they know to pass on the game not to chase the line.

NBA winning handicapping tips

 We will finally get back to a “normal” routine schedule for the upcoming season.

 Let us take a look at some key areas to in order to effectively handicap. For this grapevine we will focus on the numbers side not the situational side. However remember the intangibles like travel, injuries,  motivation, revenge, look ahead, let downs etc. are all equally as important as the numbers.

NHL regular season OT

The NHL regular season gets underway this week. For those of you that have been following me for a while this Grapevine will act as reminder for those of you new please take note. I am not interested in risking money on a 4 on 4 overtime which is basically shinny or even worse a shootout which is nothing more than a glorified skills competition. Could you imagine an MLB game tied being decided by a home run hitting contest because that is the equivalent. Therefore if the game is tied after 60 minutes and we are on the money line the bet is a push.