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CLEM -22.0 -1.10
12-05/7:30 PM


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Line Chasing

We will wrap up our discussion of chasing for now with this grapevine relating to the lines.

We discussed in a previous grapevine about being very selective in determining value we have also discussed not chasing your losses. The next category regarding discipline and chasing relates to the lines themselves.

Washington Football Team vs Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys over Washington Football Team: 2 3-7 teams with the winner taking over first place LOL. Dall starting to move with a big road win over Minn. Dalton returned Elliot ran the ball well. No the Dall defense is not good but they are getting healthier and are at least being competitive. They will face a 28th ranked Wash offense with Smith at Qb. Now Wash must travel on a short week to face a fired up Dall team. If not for Burrow getting hurt on Sun it could have been a home loss for Wash. Wash has played the 30th ranked SOS Dall has played 13th.