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I realize that you may already have an account at one of our affiliate sports books prior to joining my site. Or you may have an account at another sports book. Regardless I still ask you to open an additional sports book account from one of the banners above where you are not yet registered and deposit funds. This will ensure you get the best lines possible and help keep the site free.

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Learn evolve adapt grow to succeed

Career success is measured by how much you enjoy what you do. The optimum is to look forward to your work enjoy the process of problem solving. That in essence is our function with sports betting.

Always try to get better. This business like most is always evolving and changing. Adapt to succeed. Never stop learning and growing.

The only thing that can stop you is you. Have a passion for what you do and eventually the money will follow.

When to bet timing your entry

There are so many similarities between conventional investment techniques and sports betting. When to purchase when to sell equally important in both endeavors.  

If you like the dog usually better to bet it closer to game time. If you like the favorite there is usually no upside to waiting bet it now. This is not a hard and fast rule but is the norm to betting at the best odds. As you gain experience in this business you acquire a better feel when to place your bets in order to maximize value. No one times the market perfectly all the time no matter how long you do this.

Are YOU paying for sports picks? STOP!

Is there even such a beast as a legitimate handicapper? Touts Scam Artists Con Men Marketers Low Lifes etc. etc they are everywhere. With the continued legalization across North America this problem has become even more profound. Especially this time of year with football starting up again. Talking heads non betting experts on every sports broadcast.  More and more newbies young people entering the market attempted to be led down a bad path by being promised easy money.  These con men are NOT sports bettors NOT handicappers just frauds trying to separate you from your money.