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* EGO, most successful people have one. Call it competitive edge wanting to be the best you can be, pride etc. Conversely the arrogant loud boastful outright liars they are the ones to avoid in every aspect of life. They know the least and are generally very insecure. I did not invent sports betting. I am not the best most talented in the industry. However over the years I have acquired the characteristics that I harp on in grapevines that allow me to be successful in this business. I adapt I am open to new ideas. I am very confident in my ability to handicap.

Milwaukee Brewers vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks over Milwaukee Brewers: We will rate the offenses equal for this one. We will have a small adv in the bullpen. Starting pitching will give us a med adv. Gonzalez gets his 1st start since May 27th having suffered arm fatigue. Gonzalez is a junk ball lefty who rarely strikes anyone out. Being a feel pitcher this is a very difficult spot for him. Greinke is off a tough start vs. Stl after coming out of the all star break. I expect a bounce back tonight. I have this game at 1.42 giving us excellent value.

New York Mets vs San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants over New York Mets: Nym lost a 16 inng game and than a 10 inng game last night. What a lost season for them. The Giants are streaking. They have now reached the 500 mark 14-2 in their last 16 as they try to convince mgmt. to buy instead of sell. We will rate the offenses equal for this one. In the bullpen we have a med adv. Starting pitching also a med adv. Samardzjia is in the best form he has been in for awhile. Locket will get a spot start based on injury to Wheeler not because of merit. His AAA numbers are mediocre his 2 starts in June with NYM were awful.