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Chicago White Sox vs Oakland Athletics

Chicago White Sox over Oakland Athletics: What is partially fueling this line is the fact Chic is 14-0 when a LH starts. It is relevant but not the main interest for our play. Oak has a small adv in the bullpen they are very good arguably right there with TB in that regard. We get a med adv on offense providing most of the value. LF Jimenez is expected back for Chic while 3B Chapman out for Oak. We also get a small adv in SP. Giolito under the hood numbers are even better than surface stats. An ERA of 3.48 with an XERA comes in at 2.38.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs over Baltimore Ravens: This is not a fade on Balt. There is nothing negative to say about them. This is a rare Monday nighter regular season with both teams will be focused and up for the game. It is not often you are able to take back points with Mahomes at QB. The hype is Balt wants to prove they belong national audience and they are on the same level as Kc. Guess what they are but given the circumstances minimal home field adv I priced this game at 1.5 giving us excellent value.