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Moving to You Tube betting tips playlist

The Sunday morning grapevines email will be moving to the you tube channel psh sports picks. This will be the last one.

You will find the grapevine topics in the betting advice playlist.

These videos provide you with the nuts and bolts on how to be a successful profitable long-term sports bettor. These videos are obviously less time sensitive than the picks videos. I highly encourage you to check out the library of videos in this playlist.

Know your edge be realistic!

The difference between being highly profitable or losing money in this business is razor thin. In a micro example 11-9 every 20 plays +1.1 units = big money. 10-10 every 20 plays -1.0 units eventually your bankroll grinds to zero. I know the above is a simplistic example but over a large enough sample size that is exactly what happens.

Tip it off College Basketball Let’s GO!

This week we will focus on some points relating to NCAAB. Early in the season you want to look for teams that have had low turnover of key personnel. Also look for teams that have participated in a summer tournament like the teams that travel to Canada Australia etc. These teams will be well ahead of the curve in terms of chemistry, experience and having played together. Look for teams that have a strong experienced point guard. This is the equivalent to a quarterback in football.