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Minnesota Twins vs Los Angeles Angels

Minnesota Twins over Los Angeles Angels: We will rate the bullpens equal for this one however I fully expect Laa will need to cover more outs from their bullpen than Minn. Harvey is not pitching deep into games. We will give Minn a small adv on offense. Laa are already 4-12 vs. LH pitching. Laa in their last 10 games are hitting 192 vs. LH. Simmons is also out for Laa which hurts the offense but even more so on defense. Starting pitching we have a med adv. Harvey is no longer a fire baller. Only 34K in 45.6 inngs of work with 20BB.

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers

Golden State Warriors over Portland Trailblazers: This bet is similar to the one we made in the NHL with game 4 of the Bost-Car series. After a long long season success in the playoffs a team down 0-3 are not giving up they are professionals with pride. However sub-consciously they know it is over. Port as well will not go down without a fight. It becomes more pronounced to find the energy even at home if you fall behind. Iguodala is questionable for Gs but even if he does not go McKinnie is a very capable back up. Green is looking like the Green of old playing at a very high level.

Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals

Chicago Cubs over Washington Nationals: We will rate the offenses equal for this one. We will have a med adv in the bullpen. Not only is the Wash bullpen horrible they will be expected to pitch more inngs than Chic bullpen tonight. Hellickson has gone less than 6 inngs in 6 straight starts. He has a lousy ratio of 29K vs 17BB and a 289 BAA. Not only does he not strike batters out he has given up 8HR in only 36 inngs of work. Hendricks got off to a slow but he is in excellent form right now. His under the hood numbers are just as good as the surface stats supporting his ERA.