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BUFF -2.0 -1.15
8:00 PM 08-23-19

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Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills over Detroit Lions: Buff has looked sharp so far in the pre-season. The opposite could be said for Det. Buff has outscored Ind and Car combine 51-30. Det has issues especially on the offensive line. They will be going up against a very good Buff defense who for the most part was together last year. Stafford has not taken a snap yet in pre-season. Given Det also has a new off co-ord that is an issue. I do not see Stafford playing much. Coming off an injury from last year and issues protecting the QB they are not going to take any unnecessary risks.

San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacks

San Francisco Giants over Arizona Diamondbacks: Some of the value deals with the public betting against a road team going for a 4 game sweep. Although it is not common every game stands on its’ own for me it is a non-factor. The Sf offense has been streaky all year. At this time they are hot. Regardless for this game we will rate the offenses equal. Bullpen we will have a med adv. In addition I fully expect Ariz to need more inngs from their bullpen than Sf. Starting pitching we have a small adv. Bumgarner expectedly has better home than away numbers but he is still pitching well.