Educate improve evolve adapt keys to success

The education of a sports bettor never ends. With the continued advancement of analytics and the ever evolving expanding and sophistication of sports data; it is expand, adapt in order to survive. It is a constant race to stay one step ahead of the markets. It is really no different than any other profession which requires constant educational upgrades due to new technology, changing industry, evolving rules and regulations, competitor strategies etc.

Modelers are constantly changing their programs finding flaws and then improving their simulations. Remember garbage in garbage out.

Bettors who ignore or disregard the latest betting market adjustments will get left behind. Sports bettors who had an edge even just 1 year ago can watch their advantages disappear if they do not stay one step ahead of the markets.

Follow the masses you will lose. The majority overestimate their ability to handicap games successfully.

Respect the line maker but do not fear them. They can be beaten. Sports betting is a hard way to make an easy living.

A winning sports handicapper invests thousands of hours in evaluating events. Sometimes the best bet is no bet.

It is OK in fact necessary for you to change opinions on player’s team’s coaches etc. Player’s age young players develop SOME coaches evolve change with the times others become dinosaurs. Challenge your assessments on an ongoing basis where necessary but avoid a topic we recently covered of recency bias.

It is essential to have outlooks projections of teams being overvalued/undervalued. However, it is also important to challenge yourself and reevaluate these projections on an ongoing basis. Do not be stubborn or so close minded that could have miscalculated on a particular team(s) it happens to us all. In fact, with some teams, you will simply not have a good read on them while others you can tell how they will perform with great accuracy.