Set your expectations

Shocking news most casual bettors do not make a profit from sports betting. This is not a terrible thing. If every bettor won there would be no sports books, they would be out of business. However, as we know the sports book just acts as a broker. The good news and why sports betting is so advantageous you are not competing against the sports books you are competing against other sports bettors. The sports book simply takes the money from the losing bettor’s passes it on to the winning bettors and keeps their cut.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone being a recreational bettor. The vast majority of people are and I am not here to criticize them at all. If someone wants to spend their entertainment budget putting $50 on games watching it on TV betting your favorite teams enjoy! That is no different than going out to a movie dinner etc. However, do not confuse that person with someone who is trying to generate a part time or full-time income from this business. Those demands and expectations along with level of bankroll are totally different.

 The biggest difference between the sharp bettor and the recreational bettor is expectations. Sharps expect to win recreational players do not. Recreational players fall prey to ridiculous claims of 60% winning percentage (most claims much more inflated than that) locks of the year, inside information etc. etc. These are slick marketing touts who are not skilled handicappers in any way. Their only goal is to separate you from your money.

 A skilled bettor who over long term produces a 54-46 win percentage has a major edge believe it or not. I know it does not sound sexy but at this level you are making substantial profits and return on investment. Sharp bettors are not focused on big scores but realistically grinding it out and letting their edge take over long term.



Set your expectations | Professional Sports Handicapping


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