Sports betting wisdom

Do not be worried about betting against public opinion. Look for over and under reactions to recent games. Be a contrarian in this business that is where you find the value and the money.

Do not play catch up “chasing” by increasing your wagers when losing.

What you save is what you earn. Shop! Shop! Shop! Have a minimum of 3 sports book accounts to ensure you get the best lines possible regardless of the size of your bets. Everything is relative.

Be prepared. Do your homework. You are only as good as your information and how you interpret it. Ask yourself each and every time is this piece on info already incorporated in the line and if so has it been reflected properly.

RISK the same amount on each game. Flat betting at 2% of your bankroll per game is the long term money management plan to success.

Bet by the numbers and situations not with your emotions and heart. Remember we bet numbers and odds not teams. There is a huge difference.

Never be worried about passing on a game if unsure. Watch the game scout the game see if your handicapping was solid for future bets. Do not regret the final score regardless if you would have won or not.  The anthem is played somewhere all the time.

Lastly and most importantly respect your bankroll. Make every bet count. No hunch bets. No taking a shot bets. No heat checks. All bets must be fully researched and have multiple reasons as to why you are making the bet.