Toxic people stay far away

This is not only my motto for sports betting but life as well. Sports betting is a skill it is a profession studied and learned from the school of hard knocks not unlike an MBA acquired from a university.

In the long term it has absolutely nothing to do with luck or bad beats. In life stay away from toxic people. These people will bring you down faster than a 10 game losing streak. Toxic people are always making excuses. Their lack of success is always from bad beats because they are so so unlucky NEVER because they simply cannot handicap to save their lives and are not open minded enough to learn.

If you do not have the time, experience knowledge to do your own handicapping find yourself a long term winner who you trust who does not charge for picks. ( The ones that do charge for picks have to because they cannot make money long term from their own sports betting) Do you really want to give someone like this your money?

Most importantly stick by this handicapper who you have chosen in good times and bad. There is no holy grail. Jumping from one handicapper to another will just fast track you to bankruptcy. You should be able to tell quickly from their game analysis if they know what they are talking about or not. If they start referring to biorhythms, trends from 5 years ago or teams records on a given day of the week as the basis for their selections you better start running the other way.

2 important items once you find that handicapper you have faith in:

1.Be a sponge learn everything and anything they have to offer for your own personal development. Ask lots of questions.

2.Do not miss plays or days betting. Either you bet all the games this handicapper provides or you bet none. If you miss days betting or miss plays you are leaving yourself open to luck. What if the days you miss the handicapper hits over 60% and the games you bet are more often than not losing. It can happen very easily. Do not expose yourself to this risk.