Archived Picks

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays adj series price

Los Angeles Dodgers over Tampa Bay Rays best of 7 Adj series price: The next 3 games line up for Lad with Buehler Urias and Kershaw as it stands right now. Tb has Morton going tonight and than we will see. However overall Sp  adv Lad. Everyone talks about how good the Tb bullpen is and they are but Lad have pitched very well and Jensen has had a resurgence after a up and down regular season. Lastly there is a med adv on offense with Lad vs. Tb. I made the adj series price 2.20 giving us excellent value.

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

Carolina Panthers over New Orleans Saints: Car season was supposed to be over after losing McCaffery but that has not been the case. Rookie coach Ruhle has done an excellent job. Davis has stepped up at RB Bridgewater has been solid and the defense despite injuries is ranked 11th overall. NO has the name recognition and are off a bye. WR Thomas has been out since week 1 with a hamstring he was due back this week but sat out practice Thurs making him questionable. Regardless NO is no longer that explosive offense we remember from the past but rather a rhythm ball control unit.

ULL Ragin Cajuns vs UAB Blazers

ULL Ragin Cajuns #309 over UAB Blazers: Early results can be very misleading. ULL is off a bad loss vs. a very good Coast Car team. UAB beat West Kent last Saturday. The UAB offense is not that good and they are stepping up in class here. ULL has had to deal with Covid early on but they are getting healthy and have had 10 days to prepare for this one. ULL top to bottom the more talented team. I made this game 4.5 giving us excellent value.

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49er's

Los Angeles Rams-San Francisco 49er’s Over: The Sf defense continues to be decimated with key injuries. The defensive stats continue to look good but misleading. Sf has faced Nyj Nyg and have even given up 25 to Phil. On offense I am expecting a bounce back after the debacle against Mia last week. Garoppolo will have had a week of practice along with RB Mostert. Lar defense has also been propped up having faced Wash Nyg Phil. One thing Lar do well is get after the Qb tied for the league in sacks while SF has given up the 4th most sacks.

Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Detroit Lions over Jacksonville Jaguars: With only 1 win Det can hardly take Jax for granted. Jax was projected to be along with the Nyj the worst teams in the league. With the surprising opening day shocker over Indi the market has been giving them too much respect. Jax has now lost 4 in a row and have cluster injuries at WR and all through the defense. Det is off a bye Golladay is back healthy Stafford needed to work on his footwork really no excuses this week. Det 3 losses have come against Chic Gb and No. Det has played the 6th SOS while Jax comes in at 18th.

Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys over Arizona Cardinals: The Dall defense is horrible and in the short-term combined with injuries that is not going to change. A number of issues not being looked at properly here. The Ariz defense is not so good either. The loss of LB Jones is big. Dalton is not Prescott but he is a very capable back-up with the best group of receivers in the league. In fact on offense if Dalton plays more ball control it will keep the Dall defense off the field actually helping their cause. Ariz has played the 30th SOS Dall comes in at 16th.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves Adj series price

Los Angeles Dodgers over Atlanta Braves Adj series price: The line for game 4 is prohibitive rightfully so but obviously I would expect Lad to win tonight making the series 2-2 and a best of 5. Wilson has not pitched since 09/27 and is not exactly a prospect. It will essentially be a bullpen day and could very well be as well in game 5 for Atl. Neither team after tonight is in good shape pitching wise but Lad have more depth and quality to be in a position to win this series. Regardless as long as Lad win game 4 we will be in a favorable leverage situation if we are forced to lay off.

Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Rays Game 1

Houston Astros over Tampa Bay Rays Game 1: Tb has become the market darlings. We will continue to give them a small adv in the bullpen however that for game 1 is minimized given the usage that Tb had for game 5 vs. Nyy. In addition I expect Tb to need more inngs from their bullpen tonight than Houst. I will rate the offenses worst case equal. Sp I give a small adv to Houst. Houst is much more familiar with Snell whilw Tb has had a grand total of 2AB vs. Valdez. Snell has the name and reputation his ERA 3.24 going under the hood he pitched to an XERA of 3.71.

Florida Gators vs Texas A/M Aggies

Florida Gators #333 over Texas A/M Aggies: It is early but Qb Trask has established himself as a Heisman candidate. Supported by the very dangerous Pitts these 2 have been lethal. The Flor defense has been sporadic I do expect a positive regression as well this unit has an excellent pass rush. Conversely Tex A/M has not been able to put any pressure on the opposing Qb. Qb Mond has played well but his 2 biggest weapons opted out before the season started. I priced this game at 6.5 giving us excellent value. 

Indianapolis Colts vs Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns over Indianapolis Colts: Wrong team is favored here especially on the road. LB Leonard is doubtful and that is a big loss for Indi. This will be the best offense Indi has seen yet this year given the fact they have faced Jax, Minn, Nyj, and Chic. Indi SOS is ranked 31st. Part of the reason for this line is Indi is ranked #1 in overall defense but has stated this is misleading. Clev has a very good offensive line and TE Njoku is expected back which will help. RB Chubb continues to be sidelined but Clev has very good quality depth at RB.