Archived Picks

Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets over Orlando Magic: Anticipate a low scoring game played at a slow pace makes these points available even more important. This will be game 6 of a 6 game road trip for Orl. They played in Golden State Saturday night. Charl also returns from the est but they have been off since Wed. I have this game priced at 1.5 giving us excellent value.

Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs over Tennessee Titans: Give Tenn all the credit in the world but the Cinderella storey stops here. This will be the 4th road game in a row for Tenn 6th in the last 8 weeks. Beating NE and Balt big accomplishment but Kc is a different animal and substantially better than both those teams especially on offense. The game for Tenn obvious run the ball with Henry control the clock keep Mahomes off he field. However once Tenn falls behind and they will than what. Tannehill is a game manager he is not going o bring you back with his arm.

Philadelphia Flyers vs Saint Luis Blues

Saint Louis Blues over Philadelphia Flyers: This is a stand alone road game for Phil. They are off a big comeback home win against Bost. They have a home game Thurs against Mtl. Stl ends a 5 game home stand and will hit the road They have won 9 in a row at home. We get a med adv on offense and in goal with Binnington vs. Elliot. The biggest adv is on the defensive end where Stl is ranked 3rd at home and Phil is 30th on the road. I have this game at 1.88 giving us excellent value.

Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild over Vancouver Canucks: This is a really tough spot for Vanc. Game 4 of 5 game road trip. Yesterday they played an afternoon game in Buff now they travel for another afternoon game in Minn this will be their 4th game in 6 days. Minn has played the 4th ranked strength of schedule while Vanc comes in at 26. I have this game at 1.58 giving us excellent value.  

Clemson Tigers vs LSU Tigers

Clemson Tigers over LSU Tigers: There is nothing bad to say about LSU this is not a bet fading them simply they are overvalued. Led by an explosive offense Heisman trophy QB Burrow that attracts the public and the money. This game will very likely be high scoring over 70 points. So the questions becomes which team can get a key stop along the way and for me that is Clemson. Clemson is 2nd in total defense and arguably has the best secondary in college football. Yes LSU is going to put up some points but so is Clemson.

Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets over Indiana Pacers: Brogdon continues to be out for Ind. Ind has a big home game on tap Wed vs. Mia. On Dec 15th Ind beat Charl at home 107-85. Ind could get caught looking ahead. In addition Washington did not play in that game Brogdon did. Despite their record Charlhas for the most part been competitive. I have this game at 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies over Los Angeles Clippers: Usually I do not mention injuries because they are accounted for in the line. However this afternoon I do not think it is accurate. Crowder is questionable for Mem. However Beverley and George are expected out for Lac. On Nov 27th without Leonard Lac beat Mem by 2 on the road. I have this game at 8.0 giving us excellent value.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers

New Orleans Pelicans over Los Angeles Lakers: Can Lal win by this double digit spread of course they can but will they is an entirely different question. NO is playing their best basketball of the year while they await the debut of Williamson. On Nov 27th they hung at home to Lal losing by 4. This is their game of the year. I do expect NO to have some success on the boards. I have this game at 7.5 giving us excellent value. 

Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles over Seattle Seahawks: The market is making a huge deal of the Phil injury list and it is substantial especially guard Brooks. What is being ignored is the substantial injuries with Sea. Lynch is your primary runner. LT Brown LB Kendricks both big losses. Sea played many 1 possession games this year and benefited from a +12 turnover margin. You cannot count on that every game especially in the playoffs. Sea beat Phil here on Nov 24th but again had a +3 turnover margin RB Penny ran for 129 yards and yet the game was in doubt until the end.

Cincinnati Reds Bearcats vs Boston College Eagles

Cincinnati Bearcats #272 over Boston College Eagles: Cinci has a strong rush offense. Combine this with B.C ranked 115th on defense Cinci will be able tomove the ball with ease. B.C. coach Addazio was fired. Off co-ord has left to go to Northwestern. RB Dillon will sit out preparing for the draft. I made this line 8.5 giving us excellent value.