Archived Picks

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New Jersey Devils 02-19-19

Pittsburgh Penguins over New Jersey Devils 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Pitts cannot afford to take NJ lightly. Pitts is a bubble team at the moment to make the playoffs. NJ has won the first 3 meetings between these teams. It is very rare that a lesser team sweeps the season series from the better team.  The last meeting 01/28 NJ went into Pitts and won 6-3. I have this game at 1.95 giving us excellent value.

Charlotte Hornets vs Orlando Magic 02-14-19

Orlando Magic over Charlotte Hornets: Orl has won 4 in a row confidence is high as they try and keep it going before the break. Wins recently include Ind, Mil Brkln, and Minn. Charl on the other hand has no quality wins recently. If Walker is on they are tough if he is avg they are a mediocre team at best. CHarl has a big home away dichotomy. Lastly Orl has lost 13 straight to this team and do not think that is not on their mind to end that streak. I have this game at 5.0 giving us excellent value.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Indiana Pacers 02-13-19

Milwaukee Bucks over Indiana Pacers: Give Ind all the credit in the world. Everyone wrote them off after Oladipo went down for the year. Ind has won 6 in a row. However that was against weak competition. Now they take a big step up in class facing Mil. Mil is obviously the team to beat in the east ranking just behind GS overall in most statistical categories. Defensively Ind and Mil are fairly equal give a slight edge to Ind who plays at a slower pace. However the adv on offense points to Mil. Mil is 2nd in points scored and 3rd in off Fg % on the road.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Colorado Avalanche 02-12-19

Toronto Maple Leafs over Colorado Avalanche 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Col returns home from a 3 game road trip having lost all 3 in OT. That now makes it 7 losses in a row. Col is a 1 line team I will not say shut them down but control them and you win. Tor has far more depth in scoring. IN fact Tor is the #1 offense on the road while Col is ranked 25th on defense at home. Col is 4-15 vs. top 10 teams. I have this game at 1.57 giving us excellent value.

Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Rangers 02-08-19

New York Rangers over Carolina Hurricanes 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Tough spot for Car tonight. First off all Nyr are rested and have been in the tri state area for weeks. Car will play their 4th game in 6 nights after winning a wild one in Buff last night. Car gave up 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to be forced into OT. Car looked gassed in the last part of the game. Now they travel to play again tonight. We also get an adv in net with Lundqvist vs. Mrazek. I have this game at 1.18 giving us excellent value.

New York Islanders vs New Jersey Devils 02-07-19

New York Islanders over New Jersey Devils 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Nyi have won all 3 meetings with NJ this year by a total score of 11-4. Nyi are ranked 2nd on defense on the road. Nj has been hit hard by injuries. We also get a huge adv in net with Lehner vs. Schneider and his .852 save %. Schneider has not started a game in 2 months. Given the proximity of this game home ice is minimal. NJ is sure to be sellers at the deadline. I have this game at 1.49 giving us excellent value.

Miami Heat vs Portland Trailblazers 02-05-19

Portland Trailblazers over Miami Heat: Port is in good form 6-1 last 7 7-3 last 10 s/u. They are especially tough at home 22-7 s/u. Center Nurkic is questionable but Port has had 5 days off plenty of time to rest the knee. Port also made a good pick up with Hood who will help on the defensive end especially. Mia is 3-7 s/u their last 10 and are struggling as they start a tough west coast 5 game road trip. Their 3 wins have come against Ny,Clev and Chic. Port will dictate the pace 8th at home while Mis is 23rd on the road.

Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers 02-02-19

Philadelphia Flyers over Edmonton Oilers 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Edm has been off for 10 days. This will be an especially early start time for a west coast team not used to playing days games to begin with. We get a med adv in net with Hart over Talbot. Phil is in good form with 6 wins in a row. I have this game at 1.65 giving us excellent value.

Super Bowl LIII New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams 02-03-19

Los Angeles Rams over New England Patriots Super Bowl LIII: By the time you get to the Super Bowl everything that can be said has been. Everything that can be analyzed has been. Obviously it is the most scrutinized game in all of sports every year.  Having said this the demise of Ne has been talked about often for the last 5 years. All Ne continues to do is win. The constants Brady and Belichick and that has not changed. Having said all this the books opened Lar at -1.0 on this neutral field. Money poured into Ne where it is now Ne -2.5 and may go to 3 before game time.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders 02-01-19

Tampa Bay Lightning over New York Islanders 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Nyi arguably the biggest pleasant surprise to date in the NHL. They have especially played well on the defensive side. However under the hood their analytics do not support their current record. Tonight they will likely take the best shot from Tb. Nyi have been off 9 days. Tb has played 1 game since the break. They lost 4-2 in Pitts. They were the better team the last 2 periods but Tb was also coming off their break and had a bad 1st period.