Archived Picks

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers over Columbus Blue Jackets: Give Clb all the credit in the world injury riddled they do not get out worked but that can only take you so far. Against a fast talented team like Edm working towards a playoff spot this is a tough spot. Edm will be electric as the team returns from a 3 game road trip. It was in the mid-west so I do think this will be a factor. Clb plays in Vanc Sunday. Clb has played the 29th ranked SOS while Edm comes in at 5. I have this game at 1.78 giving us excellent value.

Saint Louis Blues vs New Jersey Devils

Saint Louis Blues over New Jersey Devils: Stl has been a very streaky team this year. Usually do not want to buy high they have won 8 in a row but there is still value here unless Stl does not show up which I do not expect to happen. Stl beat Nyr Tues they have no look ahead (Chic on Sun) Stl is only 2 points ahead of Col so plenty of motivation. Nj returns from a west coast 5 game road trip. On Sat they play Nyr. Nj is extremely thin on the blue line Butcher out traded away Green and Vatanen. Nj is 6-17 vs top 10 teams.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets

Los Angeles Clippers over Houston Rockets: For Lac it is 82 practice games get ready for playoffs. However tonight on TNT healthy rested line up we should get max effort. Houst is a flawed team that lacks size and depth. In my opinion they will have little success in the playoffs trying to outscore outpace opponents. Despite their offensive numbers based on paced their off fg% is ranked 24th at home. I have this line at 2.5 for Lac with minimal home court adv giving us excellent value.

Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets over Orlando Magic: Both these teams have big home/away dichotomies. Brklyn has more depth and balanced scoring. No surprise but Brklyn has played better without Irving than with. Both teams play at a slower than average pace. Brklyn is 18th in home offense Orl is 29th on the road. Brklyn is 4th at home in def fg% Orl on the road 18th. Lastly rebounding Brklyn is is ranked 3rd at home Orl on the road 23rd. I have this game at 5.5 giving us excellent value.

Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Bulls

Charlotte Hornets over Chicago Bulls: Both these teams stink. Chic when healthy should not be favored by this much against anybody and they are far from healthy. Charl has some young talent learning how to play and will have been in Chic over the break. I anticipate a low scoring game. I have Chic by 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins over Toronto Maple Leafs: This is the front end of a back to back. Both teams have key injuries and potent offenses. The pressure is really on Tor as they try and make the playoffs. Tor is 7-11 vs. top 10 teams. Tor is 22nd on the road defensively while Pitts is ranked 5th at home and this is what provides the value. If Tor does not score at least 4 they have trouble winning games. I have this game at 1.55 giving us excellent value.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche

Tampa Bay Lightning over Colorado Avalanche: Tb begins a 3 game road trip. Tb has won 10 in a row and are 22-2-1 in their last 25. Francouz is the likely starter for Col with Grubauer banged up. Both these teams have good offenses although TB has more balance. Tb however is ranked 3rd in defense on the road while Col is  20th in home defense. Col is off the outdoor game vs. Lak and they could have a hangover from that one. I have this game at 1.27 giving us excellent value.

Dallas Stars vs Montreal Canadiens

Dallas Stars over Montreal Canadiens: Both teams struggle on offense however Dall has the edge on defense especially with Weber out. Mtl will play their 4th game in 6 nights with a rink change each time. Mtl is 4-6-2 with zero days rest. Mtl is 8-16 10 teams. I made this game 1.29 giving us excellent value.

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers

New York Rangers over Los Angeles Kings: Lak will play their 4th game in 6 nights and the final of a 4 game road trip. This is a 6pm start so even tougher for Lak. We get a med adv in net with Quick vs. Shesterkin. Lak are ranked 30th in road offense while Nyr are 5th in home offense. I have this game at 1.81 giving us excellent value.