Archived Picks

Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams over Seattle Seahawks: Yes it is Thursday night and the Lar are on the road but it is a short trip. Lar stock is way down after giving up 55 at home to Tb. Goff is struggling however they still have the 4th ranked pass off going up against a Sea pass defense ranked 16th. Sea at 3-1 is a false favorite even at home. While Lar have played the 6th ranked strength of schedule Sea comes in at 28th. I have this game at pick giving us excellent value. 

Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Washington Nationals over Los Angeles Dodgers Best of 7 series: Wash was one of the hottest clubs in the second half and needed to be just to get in the playoffs. Lad were on cruise control for most of the year. Lad have the adv in the bullpen as the Wash bullpen has been their weakness the whole year. However on offense the gap is small both teams can smash. Starting pitching I actually give the edge to Wash. Corbin Sanchez is the weak link followed by Strasburg and Scherzer.

Northern Illinois Huskies vs Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt Commodores #162 over Northern Illinois Huskies: This is a buy low situation on Vandy. Vandy has played the toughest schedule so far in college football. They are 0-3 s/u and ATS vs. LSU Purdue and Georgia. They take a huge step down in class against N.ILL. Look for Vaughan to have a big day. I have this game at 9.5 giving us excellent value.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns over Baltimore Ravens: At the beg of the year the Clev hype was in full blast. After 3 games the bandwagon is almost empty. We get a chance to buy low on Clev and sell high on Balt.  Sun night for all to see with a +2 turnover margin they still lost and Mayfield is struggling. This is a divisional statement game for Clev. Balt is in a sandwich situation as well. They just finished with Kc and up next is Pitts.  Balt is playing well but Jackson is still more of a runner than thrower. I expect a high scoring game with both 2ndaries suffering injuries.

Saint Louis Cardinals vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Saint Louis Cardinals over Arizona Diamondbacks: Stl has won 6 in a row 3.5 games up on Mil for the NL central crown. We will rate the offenses equal for this one but with Marte and Peralta out for Ariz those are big holes to fill. Rarely will I lay this much juice on the road but it is warranted here. WE have a med adv in the bullpen and a med adv in starting pitching. Flaherty will not win it but his name should be mentioned more for the Cy Young. A 200 BAA his under the hood numbers are even better than his surface stats.

West Virginia Mountaineers vs Kansas Jayhawks

West Virginia Mountaineers #373 over Kansas Jayhawks: West Virg turned over the roster on offense but last weeks win over NcSt who has vry good defense was a big confidence builder. Kan is simply a small not very good team. Their win over Bost Coll has the market thinking they have turned things around. However Bost Coll has a terrible def. I have this game at 7.0 giving us excellent value.

Houston Texans vs Los Angeles Chargers

Houston Texans over Los Angeles Chargers: As we faded Lac 1st home game and covered with Indi we will not hesitate to do so again this Sunday. Lac have a minor home field adv. Lac have cluster injuries in the 2ndary and this is the wrong team to be facing depleted trying to defend the pass. Houst may have the most talented deepest group of receivers in the NFL. The Houst stock is low given what looks like an unimpressive win at home over Jax. 2 items to that. Houst was off that very tough N.O loss.

Saint Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs

Saint Louis Cardinals over Chicago Cubs: Despite the depleted Cubs line up we will still give them a small adv on offense. We will have a small adv in the bullpen and also in starting pitching. This is not a fade on Hendricks he is having a typical sold year as a finesse pitcher. However give me the power arm every time and in this case Flaherty who is in excellent form. I have this game at 1.17 giving us excellent value. 

Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers over Tampa Bay Rays: We will rate across the board offense bullpen and starting pitching a wash. This line is lower than it should be because Snell is starting for Tb. However he has not pitched since 07/21 coming back from elbow surgery. He is not expected to go more than 3 inngs. It is always an adv for a NL team at home vs. a AL team with inter league play. Yes Tb is chasing Clev Oak in the wild card hunt. However Lad are battling Houst and Nyy for the best record the importance being home field in the playoffs.

Akron Zips vs Central Michigan Chippewas

Akron Zips-Central Michigan Chippewas #133 Over: This total has come down huge with the announcement C. Mich QB Dormady is out and RB Ward. The line has been over compensated. The drop off to the back up QB is not that big. Akr can throw the ball and they have a horrible pass def. Even with the injury I made the total 48.5 giving us excellent value.