Archived Picks

Iowa State Cyclones vs TCU Horned Frogs

Iowa State Cyclones #431 over TCU Horned Frogs: ISt has played 1 game on Sept 12th and were upset by ULL 31-14 so their stock is low. What we do know is they have a very good defense. It was special teams that let them down in that loss. On offense boring methodical not explosive but grinding on the ground should be enough to cover today. TCU will play their 1st game after the game for Sept 11th was cancelled. 2 Qbs Duggan and or Downing will be up against it vs. ISt defense along with their own offensive line issues.

Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills over Los Angeles Rams: We will deal with the negative first. Lar have played Dall/Phil Buff has played Nyj/Mia so the Buff competition has been weak. Taking that into account we get to play against a west coast team early start heading east 2nd consecutive week. Rb Ackers is banged up doubtful OL Noteboom is out. The Buff offense seems to be catching up finally to the defense. Buff should be able to put pressure on Goff and on the road he has a tendency not to play well.

Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints over Green Bay Packers: NO laid an egg in Vegas Monday night so their stock is down. There is no question Brees arm strength is down. NO has turned into a ball control dink and dunk offense. Add to this WR Thomas will not play. Gb stock is high after all they are 2-0 scoring 85 points this has mostly been on the feet of Jones. This is a team that was said to be in decline Rodgers was fading and they drafted no receivers for him. Now comes the news his main threat Adams will be doubtful for this game. We have 1 team Gb overvalued the other NO undervalued creating value.

Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Mets

Tampa Bay Rays over New York Mets: Nym are 6-14 when a LH starts. Tb is 1 win away from clinching the division while Nym are slim to none of making the post season. We will rate the offenses equal. We gat a med adv in starting pitching and the bullpen. I have this game priced at 1.42 giving us excellent value.  

Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lighting Adj series price

Tampa Bay Lightning over Dallas Stars Adj Series price: Tb got off to a slow start after their gruelling win over Nyi. However by the 3rd period they were back to dominating. Tb is the deeper more talented team. I like the Dall team and we rode them vs. Col especially. If Khudobin continues to stand on his head so be it. I had Tb handicapped to win this series in 6 before it started. Nothing has changed my mind. After the loss in game 1 the price is playable and has value. Depending on tonight’s result we will navigate from there.

Minnesota Vikings vs Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts over Minnesota Vikings: Week 2 in the NFL also known as over reaction week. We get a prime example of this right here. The final score at home was flattering to Minn losing 43-34 to GB. Minn was outgained 522-382 TOP was 41-19 in favor of GB. In other words the defense could not get off the field. Minn only threat on offense as expected was Thielen. Minn 2ndary is weak and so is their pass rush. This brings us to Indi. Indi was shocked on the road losing to Jax 27-20 who are perhaps the worst team in the league.

Philadelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays Game 1

Toronto Blue Jays over Philadelphia Phillies Game 1: Tor just got whacked by Nyy so their stock is low. Phil is not exactly lighting it up themselves. No Realamuto no Hoskins and likely no Segura today will not help. This will be a 7 inng game so Tor will have a small adv in the bullpen. Offenses we will rank even. Starting pitching we will also rank even. Ray gives up the long ball his control is brutal but his stuff is nasty. He has shown some improvement since Walker has got a hold of him.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Best of 7 Series Eastern Conference Finals

Miami Heat over Boston Celtics Best of 7 series bet: The Bost stock is high after taking down Tor. Meanwhile Mia took down arguably the best teamin the east Mil in 5 but that is being overlooked. I will have more faith in Spoelstra to make the necessary adjustments as this series moves on than Stevens. I prefer Adebayo in the battle of big men over Theis/Williams. I also give Mia the edge off the bench. Yes Bost is good at defending the 3 and Mia offensively is dependent on making 3’s so we will see who wins that battle.

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49er's

Arizona Cardinals over San Francisco 49er’s: Ariz is expected to play at a fast pace with unique and mobile Murray at QB. That is tough to dealwith at anytime but especially week 1 with no pre-season.  RB Drake will have the full practice sessions after being traded here last year. The big acquisition is obviously Hopkins at WR. However if Ariz is to take another step forward the defense will need to improve. They have made some strides on paper we will se how that translates to the field. SF will be very good again this year. However they are not as healthy as Ariz.

Arkansas St. Red Wolves vs Kansas State Wildcats

Arkansas State Red Wolves #427 over Kansas State Wildcats: We won backing Ark St as a +18.0 on the road in Mem and were rewarded. We will not hesitate to come back on them today. Our cover vs. Mem was never in doubt that game was much closer than the final score. Now Ark St goes on the road again to K.St. Yes we are getting less points but Mem is better than K.St. K. St roster has been in flux since practices began. They have zero players returning from the offensive line. Ark St has 1 game under their belt and had 11 spring practices K.