Clemson Tigers vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Clemson Tigers #401 over Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 2 market forces keeping this line lower than it should be. Yes Lawrence is out there has been an over compensation for this. Uiagalelei is going to do just fine. In addition he has as support the best RB in the country. #2 It seems to the market Clem struggled against Bost Coll and they did + ND is better than Bost Coll. However that was a look ahead game for Clemthey turned it on when they needed to won and move on. The talent gap between these 2 teams is much bigger than the posted line. This is not a game where ND can grind it out and rely on their defense. Their offense is weak they lack deep threats and even their very good offensive line can only do so much for Book. ND is over rated over ranked. With Lawrence on the road I would make this game 10.5 adjustment without move to 8.0 we still get excellent value.