Hawaii Rainbow Warriors vs Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming Cowboys #142 over Hawaii Rainbow Warriors: We have a buy low sell high opportunity. Haw beat Fresno St. last week on the road. Wyo lost on the road in OT to Nev. Haw stayed on the mainland and practiced indoors in Col. Tonight the weather is expected to be around 40 F not exactly what Haw is used to. IN addition they are being asked to win 2 in a row on the road on the mainland before heading home on Nov 7th for their opener. Haw still likes to play at a fast pace but are now a run oriented team rather than pass. Wyo has more balance on offense but they prefer the slow grinding pace which at home I expect them to win that battle. Secondly Wyo is much better at stopping the run than the pass. I made this game 3.0 giving us excellent value.