Houston Astros vs Oakland Athletics Best of 5 series

Houston Astros over Oakland Athletics Best of 5 series: The market loves to hate on Houst and rightfully so. We do not care we are in the business of value. We will give a small adv in the bullpen to Oak. We will give a small adv to Houst on offense especially with Chapman out. We will rate a small adv to Sp to Houst after game 1. Not sure what we get from McCullers in game 1 since he has been off since Sept 26th. However even with that Bassitt is no better. Projected after this could be Manaea Luzardo followed by Fiers Montas combo. Regardless Houst will have Valdez Greinke Javier Urquidy adv Houst. I priced this series at pick-em giving us excellent value.