Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Rays Game 1

Houston Astros over Tampa Bay Rays Game 1: Tb has become the market darlings. We will continue to give them a small adv in the bullpen however that for game 1 is minimized given the usage that Tb had for game 5 vs. Nyy. In addition I expect Tb to need more inngs from their bullpen tonight than Houst. I will rate the offenses worst case equal. Sp I give a small adv to Houst. Houst is much more familiar with Snell whilw Tb has had a grand total of 2AB vs. Valdez. Snell has the name and reputation his ERA 3.24 going under the hood he pitched to an XERA of 3.71. Valdez comes in at 3.57 but you go under the hood his XERA 2.76. I made this game -1.15 giving us excellent value.