Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints

Kansas City Chiefs over New Orleans Saints: This is not so much a fade on NO asa play on with Kc. NO obviously has the adv on defense and NO will be able to move the ball with the run game and short passing. However the question becomes will they be able to keep up with Kc? Kc has issues on the offensive line so I expect Mahomes will need to use his mobility and scrambling which is when he is at his best anyway. I do not expect Brees to be at his best and he will also be without his #1 receiver Thomas. Kc has been a bankroll burner all year. 0-5 ATS in their last 5 and despite being 12-1 s/u they are just 6-7 overall ATS. Kc has played down to the competition all year. I expect a full play book and a full effort today. I made this game 4.0 giving us excellent value.