Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams over Seattle Seahawks: The big narrative for this game is will Goff start at Qb for Lar. Who cares Goff is not very good anyway Wolford brings a run dimension and not that much of a downgrade. This area is not where the value lies. Mcvay vs Carroll big adv Lar. The Sea offense has regressed badly since they went back to a run 1st focus. Sea lacks a pass rush which helps if Goff starts. He can be effective given time and not forced to move around. Despite all this yes Sea has an overall adv on offense. However Lar do have the 13th ranked pass offense going up against a 31st ranked Sea pass defense. The big value is the Lar defense ranked #1 overall. Lar have 2 shut down corners with Ramsey and Williams to handle Lockett and Metcalf. Sea is not going to move up and down the field. In the 2 games this year Sea scored 16 in game 1 and 20 in game 2. Lastly Sea has played the 23rd ranked strength of schedule Lar 10th. These 2 teams are much closer than the posted line. I made this game 2.0 giving us excellent value.