Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

Miami Heat over Milwaukee Bucks Adj series line: We won with Mia in game 1. We sat out game 2 hindsight always 20-20 should not have. There were factors that turned it only to a lean. Regardless we will jump on Mia now to win the series. Obviously Mia just has to win 2 Mil 4. If a BIG if Mia wins today it is virtually over. I do not think Mil can win 4 straight so even if this goes 7 we will have some leverage laying off options as the series progresses. All the pressure now is on Mil. This is not a team that has performed well in this spot. If not for a last second shot Tor would also be down 3-0. I have priced this series adj price at 1.95 giving us excellent value.