Oregon Ducks vs USC Trojans

Oregon Ducks #643 over USC Trojans: On 02/22 Usc beat Org 72-58 at home as a 3.5 favorite. That was than this is now. That was the last regular season loss for Org. In that game Org got down 17-0 and simply could not recover. Both teams are off dominating wins. USC took care of Kansas while Org beat Iowa. 3 factors in this match up providing us with value. Yes USC will probably win the battle of the boards they do have a height length adv. However Org is a very good group team rebounding wise as well. The advs for Org their backcourt is much stronger. 2 They have much more depth and balance when it comes to scoring. 3 big coaching mis-match in my opinion with Altman vs Enfield. I made this game pick giving us excellent value.