Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills over Pittsburgh Steelers: Pitts is off their 1st loss so there goes the undefeated season. Is this a bounce back spot or a let down we will see? Crowd or no crowd Buff is a tough place to play. Pitts def is very good ranked 3rd overall but they will likely be without 4 LB’s Spillane, Williams, Dupree and Bush. Secondly their stats have come against some very weak offenses. The Buff offense may be the best they have seen. This will be the 3rd game in 11 days for Pitts. Pitts can run the ball Conner is expected back but their deep ball threat has been non-existent. The Buff defense is getting healthier especially with the return of Milano and they are in a positive regression mode more to the expectations heading into the season. I made this game 3.0 giving us excellent value.