San Francisco 49er's vs Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals over San Francisco 49er’s: This time of year throw the narratives of teams NEED to win and that team will NOT try have given up. #1 just because a team needs to win does not mean they will or more importantly cover. Secondly they are all professionals getting paid lots of money playing for next years contracts. They are all trying. Having said all this a team out of it that falls behind in a game have trouble finding the energy to fight back. Also individual players prep work depending on the players suffers. Which brings us to this game. SF has substantial injuries across the board. 3rd string QB Beathard will get the start. He is a downgrade from Mullens which is saying a lot. Rosen who they just signed will be the back up. SF decided rather than stay in Ariz flew back home to spend Xmas with family. That is very telling. Ariz has no excuses this game has the makings of a blow out. Imade this game 7.0 giving us excellent value.