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March Madness Handicapping Tips

Obviously filling out a bracket is a different beast than handicapping individual games of the tournament with point spreads. Next week’s grapevine I will help you with your bracket this week we will deal with the spreads.

 1) Forget about the conference tournaments underway. March madness is a different beast. There is no carryover of momentum for teams that performed well in those tournaments. In fact some coaches could care less about those tournaments and focus on getting their teams ready for the big dance.

2020 sports pick Apps MLB spring training

The 2020 Apps for Apple and Android are both available for download in the respective stores. All my bets, analysis and alerts with running records per sport for the year. Never miss a bet acquire the best lines and allows you to be mobile at the same time. Make sure to turn on the alert/notifications on the app so you are alerted each time I update the app with new picks.

MLB Spring Training games

It baffles me when ignorant individuals comment about being degenerate betting such events as pre-season NFL or MLB spring training. It is a true indication they have no concept of sports betting. Value is value regardless if there is weakness in a line for the Super Bowl or Detroit vs. Kansas City in a March baseball game. The money is exactly the same.

Probability laws

You are never as hot as you think you are. Your luck is never as bad as you think it is. You are never due to win. Now that we have this out of the way we can get to the crux of the issue. Gamblers think when they get hot they are invulnerable. They think the laws of probability do not apply to them.

Keeping it real Perspective

Next week we are going to deal with the laws of probability for the grapevine. For those of you that are new this will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of this business. For long term followers next week’s grapevine will act as a refresher.  This week will be an add on for the topic of the mental aspect of this business. I am a firm believer if you tell people what to expect to minimize surprises and set realistic expectations it will give people a greater chance to succeed.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable. One of the hardest aspects of betting sports is dealing with variance. I know most of you have heard this before BUT to emphasize no matter how sharp how good you are at this craft there will inevitably be bad stretches over an extended sample size reminding you to stay humble and adhere to proper money management.

You Tube Videos going live

Most of you are already aware we have our own you tube channel Professional Sports Handicapping. If you have not already subscribed I would highly encourage you to do so. You simply have to go to the channel and click subscribe. This will provide you a notification each time I post a new video.