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Chasing What ?

We will continue our discussion about chasing.

Remember never never chase losses. The term they use in poker is going on tilt. Wait for your next game of value regardless if it is 5 minutes or 5 days away. The national anthem is sung somewhere every day. Chasing losses will result in digging yourself a bigger hole. Good or bad, start each day 0-0 and move on from the previous day.

The many facets of chasing

Over the next few grapevines we will deal with the different forms of CHASING and the impact it has on your business.

One of the most common and biggest problems many sports bettors have is called “chasing”. How many times do you lose an early game on the menu and then search to find a late game regardless of value to bet on to try and make up for the early loss. Not only do some bet on games they normally would not but they also increase their unit digging the hole even bigger.

Careful what you call a bad beat

Every so often I like to revisit the topic of bad beats to refresh your memory and also for you to understand in order to win consistently you have to understand how to lose. I did not say be happy with losing but how to deal with it and move forward so you can profit.

We all get them. They are part of the tax we pay in this business for turning a profit. Let me be clear about this topic. Despite what you may have heard or believe bad beats DO NOT even out. Yes you will win some games you do not deserve to win however the bad beats will outnumber those so called lucky wins.

Change is the only constant

The education of a sports bettor never ends. With the arrival of analytics and the ever evolving expanding and sophistication of sports data; it is expand, adapt in order to survive. It is really no different than any other profession which requires constant educational upgrades due to new technology, changing industry, evolving rules and regulations, competitor strategies etc.

Continuous Improvement

Career success is measured by how much you enjoy what you do. The optimum is to look forward to your work enjoy the process of problem solving. That in essence is our function with sports betting.

Always try to get better. This business like most is always evolving and changing. Adapt to succeed. Never stop learning and growing.

The only thing that can stop you is you. Have a passion for what you do and eventually the money will follow.