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Self Control Life Lessons

As I mention often sports betting principles of value, discipline, self-control overall mindset and attitude can be applied effectively not only for this business but to improve your daily life. Here are issues to avoid:

Poor money management 

Getting too emotional over wins and losses. Losses and bad beats are just the tax we pay along the way. Wins should be common occurrence. There is the adage when you score a TD no big deal you do it all the time or another way to look at it like a slot machine that is often paying off. 

2019 Apple App/MLB spring training

The 2019 Apple app is now available for download in the apple I tunes store. The android app in the google play store has been available since the beginning of the year. All my bets, analysis and alerts with running records per sport for the year. Never miss a bet acquire the best lines and allows you to be mobile at the same time.

: Additional tools for your handicapping library

* Be calculating be deliberately decisive after analyzing ALL the objective information of a match up.

 * Never let outside influences personal problems affect your handicapping. This business is tough enough you must perform with a clear mind.

 * Always practice proper money management procedures thereby being able to withstand the bumps and form reversal that is inevitable at times.

 * Never fall in love with a player or a team. Be ruthless in your pursuit of winners.

Lessons in your losses

 Every time I make a bet I want to win I expect to win otherwise why bet. However we know that is unrealistic EVERYONE goes through losing streaks sometimes extended ones so there is some solace knowing we all have to deal with it.

The question then becomes how do we deal with it and what can we learn turning a negative into a positive.

Apple App- must wins Revenge angles

Just a reminder for those on android devices the 2019 app is available for download. Regarding apple app it looks like it will be at least another week before it is available in the store. Therefore if any of you would like me to email the picks to you temporarily on a daily basis until the 2019 version is available just let me know and I will put you on the list.

The Zig Zag Pendulum

There is the myth that a “perfect result” is when you cash your ticket with ease. Obviously from a stress standpoint that is true. However the “perfect” outcome is one in which the markets do not take much notice. In other words the result stays under the radar. This will allow us to put those same edges in place again.

When you have a vast difference in the last game results i.e. say N.O. is -5.0 over Atl and they win by 25. Guess what the public will put a lot of emphasis on that 1 result. The next games out N.O. will be overvalued while Atl will be undervalued.

Bad teams

When analyzing the statistics of bad teams remember they are actually worse than what has been recorded. Good teams let up in the latter stages of a game; replace their starters for bench players or did not take the game from the start that seriously to begin with simply turning it on at the end to get the straight up win. However you will on certain occasions find a spot where the good team is going to focus for the full game.

2018 year end review bring on 2019!

I know the official calendar does not change to 2019 until Tuesday however since we close off our weeks on Sunday for betting record keeping purposes Monday December 31st will be day 1 week 1 of our 2019 sports year.

 Today will be the last day of week 52 for 2018. We track our overall stats as well as the same stats broken down for each individual sport. The overall stats are closed off and started anew every calendar year while the individual sports stats are closed off when that sport ends for a particular season.