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NCAAF Bowl Handicapping Tips

Over the next month the college football bowl games will be played culminating with the playoff format to determine a champion.

 Handicapping bowl games is a totally different beast than handicapping games during the regular season.

 Look to play ON double digit underdogs in the minor bowl games. If you are a big favorite in a game like this it indicates more was expected from you this season and this bowl game is a disappointment. The larger the underdog in games like this the greater the motivation and reward to actually be playing in a bowl game.

Individual growth as a sports bettor

Sports betting is a vehicle for self-development and improvement. As in life for a productive happy path these are the areas to focus, improve and excel in.

  1. Money management
  2. Handling adversity
  3. Self-control and discipline
  4. Reading comprehension
  5. Time management
  6. Commitment to personal development
  7. Adaptable to change


    No one is proficient in all these areas. However if you take the approach of always looking to improve keeping an open mind things will work out for you not only with sports betting but in life.

College Basketball Basics

This week we will focus on some points relating to NCAAB. Early in the season you want to look for teams that have had low turnover of key personnel. Also look for teams that have participated in a summer tournament like the teams that travel to Canada Australia etc. These teams will be well ahead of the curve in terms of chemistry, experience and having played together. Look for teams that have a strong experienced point guard.

Winning and losing streaks

Without a doubt the most common mistake players make; press raising their stakes when losing. There are always going to be times when you lose more than you win. Prolonged losing streaks are inevitable. How YOU deal with them will ultimately determine your long term success in this business.

NBA Injuries

Continuing with NBA handicapping. The long NBA season is filled with injuries. Pay attention to the injuries that matter ignores the injuries that are irrelevant. The public generally over reacts when a high profile player goes down. However when key role players go down or there are cluster injuries at one particular position you generally do not see the necessary impact on the line.

NBA Handicapping

With the NBA season about to get underway let us take a look at some key areas to look at in order to effectively handicap. For this grapevine we will focus on the numbers side not the situational side. However remember the intangibles like travel, injuries motivation, revenge, look ahead, let downs etc. are all equally as important as the numbers.

I like to focus on offensive FG% and defensive FG%. This really deals with efficiency. Just looking at points for and against can be misleading. Just because you are putting up many shots and scoring points does not indicate success.

Shop to you drop

As we head into our busy time the importance of shopping and acquiring the best line possible when you bet cannot be overstated.

It does not matter what the $ value is of your unit. Successful sports bettors know the value of half a point on the spread or a penny on the money line. Successful bettors will be on the right side of a half point victory more times than not. They will win when others push and they will push when others lose. When a line has moved against them they know to pass on the game not to chase the line.