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Let variance be your teacher

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. One of the hardest aspects of betting sports is dealing with variance. I know most of you have heard this before BUT to emphasize no matter how sharp how good you are at this craft there will inevitably be bad stretches over an extended sample size reminding you to stay humble and adhere to proper money management.

Betting properly MORE important than picking winners

This title is absolutely TRUE!  

If you like the dog usually better to bet it closer to game time. If you like the favorite there is usually no upside to waiting bet it now. This is not a hard and fast rule but is the norm to betting at the best odds. As you gain experience in this business you acquire a better feel when to place your bets in order to maximize value. No one times the market perfectly all the time no matter how long you do this.

Handling so called bad beats

Every so often I like to revisit the topic of bad beats to refresh your memory and also for you to understand in order to win consistently you have to understand how to lose. I did not say be happy with losing but how to deal with it and move forward so you can profit.

We all get them. They are part of the tax we pay in this business for turning a profit. Let me be clear about this topic. Despite what you may have heard or believe bad beats DO NOT even out. Yes you will win some games you do not deserve to win however the bad beats will outnumber those so called lucky wins.

Patience and grind or fail you choose

Being a full time sports bettor as long as I have this business has taught me many valuable lessons that I use in life. However the most important characteristic would have to be PATIENCE. This was my major weakness heading into this business and I either had to adapt implement patience as part of my discipline or fail miserably.

Sports’ betting for a living is often depicted as a roller coaster thrill ride based on big decisions and life changing wins. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Control your emotions!

New Year this grapevine should act as your new year’s resolution for your sports betting business in order to take it to the next level.


So you want to be a serious sports bettor well?


It will teach you money management.


It will force you to control your emotions.


Your patience will be tested over and over again.


You will become an expert on probabilities.


Intuitive reading comprehension (reading between the lines) and research skills will be honed


Evolve Adapt to Succeed

The education of a sports bettor never ends. With the arrival of analytics and the ever evolving expanding and sophistication of sports data; it is expand, adapt in order to survive. It is really no different than any other profession which requires constant educational upgrades due to new technology, changing industry, evolving rules and regulations, competitor strategies etc.

Modelers are constantly changing their programs finding flaws and then improving their simulations. Remember garbage in garbage out.

NCAAF bowling for dollars

Over the next 8 weeks the college football bowl games will be played culminating with the playoff format to determine a champion.

 Handicapping bowl games is a totally different beast than handicapping games during the regular season.

 Look to play ON double digit underdogs in the minor bowl games. If you are a big favorite in a game like this it indicates more was expected from you this season and this bowl game is a disappointment. The larger the underdog in games like this the greater the motivation and reward to actually be playing in a bowl game.

Follow to increase your profits

People who bet for a living are looking at the prices all day long every day. If you are doing this part time you need to find someone you trust who you can follow 100% of the time; especially if your goal is to generate a full time income at some point in this business.

Always be learning evolving

Career success is measured by how much you enjoy what you do. The optimum is to look forward to your work enjoy the process of problem solving. That in essence is our function with sports betting.

Always try to get better. This business like most is always evolving and changing. Adapt to succeed. Never stop learning and growing.

The only thing that can stop you is you. Have a passion for what you do and eventually the money will follow.