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MLB Adjustments August-Septmenber

In the second half of the mlb season adjustments are always required to finish the season strong. The weather heats up means the ball travels farther scoring goes up. The games become more and more important the pressure increases especially with the added wild card. More teams will remain in the race longer teams and players that are not used to playing important games in September. Look for teams that have the experience dealing with races coming down to the wire as well as managers that have been through the wars.

2018 MLB All Star Break

The close of the baseball menu Sunday will bring us to the all-star break. Monday July 16th up to including Wednesday July 18th there will be no games (at least the sports I bet on) no plays. I will be tweeting throughout this period. There is 1 game on Thursday July 19th so we will see but I will update the website and app on that day.

Being the best Sports Bettor You Can Be

The best sports bettors are information junkies. Researchers who know how to separate the important information from the 90% irrelevant junk that is available in the information age. Read everything you possibly can on EVERY game you research.  Know what to look for and find the value between the line you set on the game vs. the sports books line. Have a finely developed analytical ability and a skill to evaluate risk vs. reward. These above mentioned skills are readily adaptable to all aspects of your life.

Establish an Edge

The difference between being highly profitable or losing money in this business is razor thin. In a micro example 11-9 every 20 plays +1.1 units = big money. 10-10 every 20 plays -1.0 units eventually your bankroll grinds to zero. I know the above is a simplistic example but over a large enough sample size that is exactly what happens.

Betting Nuggets to Practice

* EGO, most successful people have one. Call it competitive edge wanting to be the best you can be, pride etc. Conversely the arrogant loud boastful outright liars they are the ones to avoid in every aspect of life. They know the least and are generally very insecure. I did not invent sports betting. I am not the best most talented in the industry. However over the years I have acquired the characteristics that I harp on in grapevines that allow me to be successful in this business. I adapt I am open to new ideas. I am very confident in my ability to handicap.

Truthful Self Evaluation

Keep accurate records of your bets. Document the logic behind your bets. Reviewing the outcome of your bets after the fact is almost as important as your initial handicapping that led to the bet. However this post game analysis must be performed objectively eliminating the sour grapes about a bad call or a player that let you down etc. etc. Did you win based on solid handicapping? Did the game play out the way you thought it would? Did you win despite yourself or did you incur a bad beat? Be honest with yourself.

Longevity and Consistency

WOW we are already  5 months into our 2018 betting year. Before you know it football will be starting up again. Where does the time go?

Believe it or not more bettors go bankrupt in this business during a winning streak than a losing streak. In the movie Wall Street the slogan is “greed is good” in this business it will destroy you. Do not get me wrong we all want to win every game the sports books have plenty of money. However some people fall into bad habits or get the feeling of invincibility when on a hot streak.

DO NOT be the Sucker

There is a common saying in poker that goes something like this. You sit down at a table and after a short time period if you cannot identify who the suckers and fish are the players that you will be extracting the money from THAN you maybe the sucker.

Here are the issues to avoid to not being the sucker for sports books: