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Successful Sports Bettors

When someone tells you they are very good at something it probably takes you less than a minute of listening to figure out whether they are boasting bragging exaggerating call it what you want or even just plain lying.

March Madness Pools

Every year I am asked for advice regarding filling out your brackets and pools for the NCAAB tournament. Not only is March madness great and presents us with betting opportunities but it also means baseball is about to begin.

March Madness Handicapping

Obviously filling out a bracket is a different beast than handicapping individual games of the tournament with point spreads. Next week’s grapevine I will help you with your bracket this week we will deal with the spreads.

 1) Forget about the conference tournaments underway. March madness is a different beast. There is no carryover of momentum for teams that performed well in those tournaments. In fact some coaches could care less about those tournaments and focus on getting their teams ready for the big dance.

Quickie Reminders

Do not be worried about betting against public opinion. Look for over and under reactions to recent games. Be a contrarian in this business that is where you find the value and the money.

Do not play catch up “chasing” by increasing your wagers when losing.

What you save is what you earn. Shop! Shop! Shop! Have a minimum of 3 sports book accounts to ensure you get the best lines possible regardless of the size of your bets. Everything is relative.

Mental Toughness

Next week we are going to deal with the laws of probability for the grapevine. For those of you that are new this will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of this business. For long term followers next week’s grapevine will act as a refresher.  This week will be an add on for the topic of the mental aspect of this business. I am a firm believer if you tell people what to expect to minimize surprises and set realistic expectations it will give people a greater chance to succeed.

Adapt to Succeed

Handicapping is a constantly evolving process. Year by year season by season even game by game. Rules change market perceptions change sports book strategies change. The only constant is change.

 Some people are under the impression handicapping is nothing more than a number crunching formula driven exercise which punches out plays. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the better team or better pitcher won and covered every game we would all be rich.

Is it too early to talk Baseball?

Short answer is NO! It is never a bad time to talk baseball. Do you realize pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training in 3 weeks? In my opinion no other sport has a greater anticipation for opening day than major league baseball. The beginning of spring the day in day out 162 game marathon over the hot summer months that make up the season concluding with the drama of the fall classic. Yes I am an admitted seam head.