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Paying for Picks

NEVER pay for picks! Subscribers that have been with me many years know that I harp on this issue all the time. However despite me doing this I am constantly receiving emails from people and the horror stories of how they have been ripped off by a tout. Think about it? If this scam artist is REALLY a successful sports bettor why do they need your lousy $50 for a game or worse $1,000 for a season. These low life’s have NO inside information and very likely you are much better at handicapping games than they are.   I will NEVER charge for picks. Not that I cannot.

Facts About Sports Betting

Not meant to be a comprehensive list. Some are obvious some not so much.

• There is no such thing as a sure thing for any one particular sporting event. You may have many many compelling reasons to bet a particular side but do not allow that to force you away from proper money management principles.

Statistical Modelling and Simulations

As regular readers of my grapevine have heard before sports handicapping is so much more than number crunching to spit out value. When you analyze the box scores the stats the current form of teams constantly ask yourself:

What is real an emerging pattern that will likely continue? Conversely what is not real and is a pattern that will regress to the mean?

Bettors make the big mistake of believing these patterns will continue because it is the easy lazy way of thinking. Something to grab onto a security blanket too place a bet.

Definition of Insanity

I am sure most of you have heard the phrase the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

 So how does this relate to sports betting? Well as I have mentioned often it is very important to evaluate as objectively as possible your bets after the fact.

Upcoming NHL & NBA Playoffs

With the playoffs upcoming you need to pay extra attention to the game analysis which you should be doing on a daily basis anyway.

 Unlike the NHL regular season all money line bets on individual games during the playoffs INCLUDE overtime unless specified otherwise in the game analysis.

Successful Sports Bettors

When someone tells you they are very good at something it probably takes you less than a minute of listening to figure out whether they are boasting bragging exaggerating call it what you want or even just plain lying.

March Madness Pools

Every year I am asked for advice regarding filling out your brackets and pools for the NCAAB tournament. Not only is March madness great and presents us with betting opportunities but it also means baseball is about to begin.