Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos over Atlanta Falcons: Neutral site Canton Ohio for the annual hall of fame game. Atl defense was horrible last year mainly due to injuries. I do not think their keys guys will lay much if at all on that side of the ball. Ryan and Schaub are veterans who will likely see little to no snaps tonight. That leaves Benket who is completely raw for the majority of work. Conversely Den has a new head coach Fangio and new off-coord Scangarello. Flacco will not see any action. However where it gets interesting is there will be a battle in camp for back-up QB between Hogan who will start and likely Den QB of the future Lock 2nd round pick out of Missouri. Rypien will likely get the mop up duties. Look out as well for Den new TE Fant who should be featured prominently.