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Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers

Boston Celtics over Indiana Pacers: Bost has Philly tomorrow but with 2 days off prior to this one I do not think they look past Ind on the road. The return of Hayward is big. I also believe Bost will be able to control the boards. Ind is playing well without Olidipo but when they have to step up against top 10 teams they are 0-4. I have this game at 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks

Dallas Mavericks over New York Knicks: The heat is already on coach Fizdale by mgmt. after 2 wins to start the year. Not sure why other than delusional that they thought this team would be better. One of these 2 wins came last Friday on the road in Dall. This will be the return to Ny for Porzingis and Hardaway Jr. Given this and the recent result Dall will not be taking this game lightly. It is very early but Ny ranks lat in offense and offensive FG % at home. Dall is ranked 1st in offensive on the road and 2nd in offensive FG%.

Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers over Miami Heat: Mia is playing really well hence part of the reason the line is low. However this is a really tough spot for them. This will be their 4th game in 6 nights. This will be their 9th straight game with a court change. This is the 3rd game of road trip before heading home. They will also likely be without Jones and Winslow. Lal have won 6 in a row they return home from a 3 game road trip and have had 3 days off. They will also likely get Bradley back. I have this game at 10.0 giving us excellent value.

Washington Wizards vs Indiana Pacers

Washington Wizards over Indiana Pacers: Injury list for Ind is long and add Lamb as now doubtful. Wash is nothing special that is for sure very weak defensively not a playoff team but this is a horrible spot for Ind. Ind short handed will play their 6th game in days. They lost in Charl OT last night. This will be their 1st back to back this year. Not sure what they will have let in the tank they were out of gas last night once the 4th quarter hit getting outscored 35-21.

Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies

Phoenix Suns over Memphis Grizzlies: In the tough west no I do not think Phx is a playoff team. However they are off to a nice early start. They could literally be 5-0 s/u. 1 point home loss to Ut and a1 point road OT loss to Den. The additions of Baynes and SAric have really helped. Mem is in a full re-build with Conley Gasol gone. This re-build will centre around Morant and Jackson. However at this point this is little supporting talent. I have this game at 4.0 giving us excellent value.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers

Cleveland Cavaliers over Indiana Pacers: On Oct 26th as a home dog of 4.5 Clev beat Ind 110-99. Now the revenge factor comes into play. Even if Ind wins here at home does not mean they will cover. Thompson is healthy again and playing well as is Love. The energetic back court of Sexton and Garland are young but continue to improve. I am not saying Clev is a good team but they are headed in the right direction. Ind will be without Turner and Sumner. I do not think this has accurately been reflected in the line. Clev has also played the tougher schedule early on.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks

Cleveland Cavaliers over Milwaukee Bucks: For new followers you will hear this often through the year. Can Mil win by more than the spread of course they can but will they is the key question. This is simply a win and move in for Mil. Mil has Bost on the road Wed. It is early but Love and Thompson look to have accepted their leadership role on this young team. There is some talent and Sexton looks to take the next step. I have this game at 13.0 giving us excellent value.

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers

Golden State Warriors over Portland Trailblazers: This bet is similar to the one we made in the NHL with game 4 of the Bost-Car series. After a long long season success in the playoffs a team down 0-3 are not giving up they are professionals with pride. However sub-consciously they know it is over. Port as well will not go down without a fight. It becomes more pronounced to find the energy even at home if you fall behind. Iguodala is questionable for Gs but even if he does not go McKinnie is a very capable back up. Green is looking like the Green of old playing at a very high level.

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets over Golden State Warriors Adj Series price: Durant is definitely out tonight likely the rest of the series. Can Gs still win the series of course they can. However this bet is about Houst winning tonight at home. With a line of 7.5 and a money line of 3.13 there is no value. The value is with Houst to win the series. If Houst wins tonight we will have many options available heading into game 7 to take Gs before the game starts or in game at + money if Houst gets off to a lead.  

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks

Boston Celtics over Milwaukee Bucks game 2: Bost comes in and dominates game 1 and now the markets expect a big response from Mil. Perhaps but at this line Mil winning does not mean they cover. This line is virtually the same as game 1. Bost is deep talented and experienced. They will not lack focus or be intimidated by this situation. Bost goes as Kyrie goes. He is engaged and motivation. Bost strategy is obvious. Crowd the paint make Mil beat with outside shots. Mil is young being the favorite and being hunted is new for them.