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Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets

Los Angeles Clippers over Houston Rockets: For Lac it is 82 practice games get ready for playoffs. However tonight on TNT healthy rested line up we should get max effort. Houst is a flawed team that lacks size and depth. In my opinion they will have little success in the playoffs trying to outscore outpace opponents. Despite their offensive numbers based on paced their off fg% is ranked 24th at home. I have this line at 2.5 for Lac with minimal home court adv giving us excellent value.

Orlando Magic vs Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets over Orlando Magic: Both these teams have big home/away dichotomies. Brklyn has more depth and balanced scoring. No surprise but Brklyn has played better without Irving than with. Both teams play at a slower than average pace. Brklyn is 18th in home offense Orl is 29th on the road. Brklyn is 4th at home in def fg% Orl on the road 18th. Lastly rebounding Brklyn is is ranked 3rd at home Orl on the road 23rd. I have this game at 5.5 giving us excellent value.

Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Bulls

Charlotte Hornets over Chicago Bulls: Both these teams stink. Chic when healthy should not be favored by this much against anybody and they are far from healthy. Charl has some young talent learning how to play and will have been in Chic over the break. I anticipate a low scoring game. I have Chic by 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets over Orlando Magic: Anticipate a low scoring game played at a slow pace makes these points available even more important. This will be game 6 of a 6 game road trip for Orl. They played in Golden State Saturday night. Charl also returns from the est but they have been off since Wed. I have this game priced at 1.5 giving us excellent value.

Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets over Indiana Pacers: Brogdon continues to be out for Ind. Ind has a big home game on tap Wed vs. Mia. On Dec 15th Ind beat Charl at home 107-85. Ind could get caught looking ahead. In addition Washington did not play in that game Brogdon did. Despite their record Charlhas for the most part been competitive. I have this game at 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies over Los Angeles Clippers: Usually I do not mention injuries because they are accounted for in the line. However this afternoon I do not think it is accurate. Crowder is questionable for Mem. However Beverley and George are expected out for Lac. On Nov 27th without Leonard Lac beat Mem by 2 on the road. I have this game at 8.0 giving us excellent value.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers

New Orleans Pelicans over Los Angeles Lakers: Can Lal win by this double digit spread of course they can but will they is an entirely different question. NO is playing their best basketball of the year while they await the debut of Williamson. On Nov 27th they hung at home to Lal losing by 4. This is their game of the year. I do expect NO to have some success on the boards. I have this game at 7.5 giving us excellent value. 

Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers: Obviously no home court adv here but the crowd will be pro Lakers. On opening night the Clippers beat Lakers without George as a 3.5 point dog. Davis knee is hurting as is with Leonard but most importantly James is playing through a bad back. I have the Clippers simply the better deeper team. We faded Lakers last time out and cashed and it applies here you will always pay a premium betting on the Lakers given the name and reputation.

Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers

Denver Nuggets over Los Angeles Lakers: Yes Lal will not have James and for the most part that is already baked in the line. However you always pay a premium to bet on the Lakers and against a very good Den team tonight is no exception. On Dec 3rd Lal beat Den 105-96. The Lakers also return from a long road trip having lost the last 2 vs. Ind and Mil. Lal have home court and an offensive adv everything else is relatively equal. I have this game at 2.0 giving us excellent value. 

Chicago Bulls vs Detroit Pistons

Chicago Bulls over Detroit Pistons: Both Griffin and Kennard are questionable tonight. Even if they do go we have value with Chic. Det will play their 4th game in 6 nights. They are 1-4 ATS on zero days rest. I expect this game to be a grinder slow pace. Both teams have bad offenses and defenses. I have this game at pick giving us excellent value.