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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Orlando Magic 01-29-19

Oklahoma City Thunder over Orlando Magic: Orl is 1-6 s/u in their last 7. They have lost a number of close games during that stretch. It is also 5 straight games with a court change. This game however should not be close down the end. Okc plays at the fastest pace on the road. Orl at home plays 22nd ranked. Once Okc does take the lead it will force Orl to speed it up taking them out of their comfort zone and right into Okc hands. Okc is ranked 1st in rebounding Orl 24th. Every key stat the check mark points to Okc.

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics 01-26-19

Golden State Warriors over Boston Celtics: For all the talk Cousins would not fit in has turned out to be false. Gs has won 9 in a row. Cousins has added a new dynamic inside to already explosive offense. Bost is playing well and they are a force. However in the few games during the regular season where you know Gs is going to bring it no one has more depth and talent. I have this game at 4.5 giving us excellent value.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns 01-22-19

Phoenix Suns over Minnesota Timberwolves: Minn has a big home away dichotomy. Minn has won just 6 games s/u on the road in 22 tries and now they are being asked to win by a med sized margin. Phx is a young team losing many close games they just have not learned how to close out games yet. These 2 teams played on Sun in Minn and as a 12 point fav Min won 116-114. It took a 29 point 2nd half by Rose off the bench to pull it off. Minn SOS is 15th while Phx comes in at 3. I have this game at 3.0 gving us excellent value.

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers 01-18-19

Golden State Warriors over Los Angeles Clippers: Yes Cousins will return tonight. However I would lay the 7 with or without him. Look for GS to monitor his minutes closely to begin regardless. What Cousins will do is open up the floor even more for Curry and company. Gs has no look ahead so can let it all go tonight. Lac are playing horrendous defense right now and this is the wrong team to try and get well on. Lac are 6-9 vs. top 10 teams. I have this game at 8.5 giving us excellent value.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat 01-10-19

Boston Celtics over Miami Heat: These 2 teams stack up about equal on the defensive side. However offensively Bost away is 10th and 13th points and off fg% respectively. Mia at home comes in at 26th and 30th. Part of the value in the line is Bost will play their 3rd game in 4 nights. The last 2 games were at home and turned into nothing more than scrimmages with Bost winning both easily. No starter played for more than 25 minutes last night. Bost is really coming together chemistry wise after a rash of injuries.

Phoenix Suns vs Washington Wizards 12-22-18

Phoenix Suns over Washington Wizards: Two bad teams. However one is young talented and improving while the other underachieving pulls no shows often. Phx has won 4 in a row incl 2 on the road. The last one in Bost. The young players are maturing starting to believe in themselves. Markets are expecting a let down after that Bost win. That was 3 days ago I am expecting even more energy. Booker has returned from injury that has made a huge difference. Oubre returns to Wash I am sure he would love to have a good game. Wash is 1-6 s/u in their last 7.

Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz 12-19-18

Golden State Warriors over Utah Jazz: Gs year to date numbers are meaningless with all the injuries they have had. Gs is rounding into form 6-1 s/u in their last 7. UT has picked the wrong time to be in an offensive slump. Ut is just 5-6 at home s/u this year. Yes they have played a difficult schedule but at least so far this year they have regressed from being the pleasant surprise of last year. Ut plays at the 29th ranked pace at home.

Los Angeles Lakers over Charlotte Hornets 12-15-18

Georgia Southern Eagles #208 over Eastern Michigan Eagles: Well someone named eagles is going to win this game. Ok bad joke. G.Southern runs the triple option. Very tough to defend. E.Mich played a similar offense at home in Army and gave up 37. Granted Army is better than G.Southern but this game is at a neutral site in Alabama. E. Mich seems happy to be here while G. South is focused on getting a 10 win season. I have this game at 5.5 giving us excellent value.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Sacramento Kings 12-12-18

Sacramento Kings over Minnesota Timberwolves: Minn has won 2 games on the road s/u all year. Those wins came against Clev and Brklyn. Simply put the wrong team is favored. On Nov 9th these 2 played here with Sac winning 121-110. We won that game at virtually the same line as tonight. Not much has changed Sac continues to improve while Minn having traded Butler is going sideways. We also get an adv with the all important rebounding controlling the boards. Sac is 14th in home reb while Minn is ranked 28th on the road.

Portland Trailblazers vs Dallas Mavericks 12-04-18

Dallas Mavericks over Portland Trailblazers: Port started off hot and have cooled substantially fueled by a horrible defense. Dall started off slowly but have really been a pleasant surprise led by rookie sensation Doncic and veteran Barnes. Dall is 9-3 in their last 12 and have only lost 2 games at home s/u. Port is 3-7 in their last 10. The markets as usual are slow to react. I have this game at 4.0 giving us excellent value.