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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Portland Trailblazers

Portland Trailblazers over Oklahoma City Thunder game 5: Port has a chance to close this series out at home. George is not 100% with a shoulder injury. Westbrook always gives full effort but his shot is not falling. Kanter has done a very good job filling in for Nurkic. A healthy McCollum and the superb Lillard isnot something Okc has been able to contain. I have this game at 5.0 giving us excellent value.

Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz

Houston Rockets over Utah Jazz game 3: We easily won game 2 with Houst and most applies to that write up game analysis so I will not repeat myself here. Simply re-read that blurb. I do expect Houst to take the best shot UT has tonight especially early on. However Houst has to much depth and Ut to compete for the full 48 mins. In addition Houst knows having the experience the importance of finishing a team as quickly as possible for bigger battles ahead. I have this game at pick-em giving us excellent value.

Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets over Utah Jazz Game 2: This game is being priced like game 1 with the markets expecting a bounce back from Ut I am not. Houst has more depth and others that can score if necessary besides Harden. Ut is more dependent on Mitchell. Look for Ut to try and double team even triple team Harden getting the ball out of his hands forcing others to beat the. Thing is Houst has others that will beat them. Gordon, Paul and Capela can score. Off the bench House, Rivers Faried, and Green off the bench is quality depth. Last year like this year Houst won game 1 going away.

Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons 03-28-19

Orlando Magic over Detroit Pistons: Huge game with big playoff implications for seeding and to qualify. Both teams have home away dichotomies but Det is in a very difficult spot. Det returns from a 5 game west coast trip and have been home for just 2 days. Orl has won 6 in a row s/u and confidence is high. Both teams run hot and cold offensively however Orl on the road is ranked #1 def points allowed Det is 10th at home. Orl on the road is 4th def fg% Det is 23rd at home. I have this game at 1.5 giving us excellent value.

Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns 03-18-19

Phoenix Suns over Chicago Bulls: Two teams playing out the string. This is a nothing game but when we win the money is the same. At this time of year in the NBA it is all about who is still giving an effort and who is going through the motions. Phx is 6-4 s/u last 10 incl wins over Mil and GS. Chic is 3-7 their last 10 5 losses in a row incl in Sac last night. Chic will play their 3rd game in 4 nights. Chic is 4-7 on zero days rest ATS. Phx has played the #1 ranked SOS while Chic comes in  at 15. I have this game at 4.5 giving us excellent value.

Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Clippers 03-17-19

Los Angeles Clippers over Brooklyn Nets: Brklyn is a nice story this year and they have definitely taken a step forward however they are fading down the stretch. They played in Ut last night and now they travel for an early start in La today. Brklyn is 3-9 ATS on zero days rest. Lac are on an extended home stand. Playing well trying for a higher playoff seed. Lac are 5th in rebounding at home Brklyn 13th on the road. Brklyn has played the 29th ranked SOS Lac come in at 8 making the gap between these 2 teams even greater.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat 03-15-19

Milwaukee Bucks Over Miami Heat: Both teams looking to solidify their spots. Mia likely 8th seed Mil likely #1. These 2 on course to meet in the 1st round. SG Hill is expected back for Mil adding to their depth. Defensively these teams are close but that is where the similarities end. Mil is 5th off fg% on the road Mia 25th at home. Mil is 2nd in rebounding on the road Mia ia 13th at home. Look for Mil to eventually pull away in the 2nd half sending a message for the upcoming playoffs.

Portland Trailblazers vs Los Angeles Clippers 03-12-19

Los Angeles Clippers over Portland Trailblazers: There is no reason why Port should be favored in La. Hood and Turner are questionable for Port. Both teams have strong home/away dichotomies. Lac are in excellent form. 5 wins in a row 8-2 in their last 10 s/u. Yes Lac played last night. However Lac are 7-5 ATS on zero days rest. This will have no travel since they played at home. Lastly they beat a Bost team who was playing very well relatively easy. I have this game at pick-em giving us excellent value.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 03-09-19

Boston Celtics over Los Angeles Lakers: Bost has underperformed for most of the regular season. However there are signs they are starting to come together for the playoffs. When this team is focused and plays together they are very good. On Feb 7 Lal went into Bost and won 129-128. Bost should not be lacking motivation tonight.  Irving is expected to go tonight and even if he does not this is still a bet. Lal are 2-8 s/u in their last 10 all but solidifying there will be no playoffs for them. Lal are a mess. James will go on a minute’s restriction.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippers 03-08-19

Los Angeles Clippers over Oklahoma City Thunder: When Lac traded away leading scorer Harris the thought was they were packing it in for the season. Not so fast. Gallinari has stepped up backed by a strong bench led by Williams and Harrell. Chandler is expected back for Lac tonight as well. Lac are right there for a playoff spot and they have an extended home stand to solidify their position. Okc is in a very difficult spot. This will be their 5th game in 7 nights with a court change each time.  They won in OT on the road in Port last night.