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Golden State Warriors (GS) vs San Antonio Spurs (SA) 03/19/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Golden State Warriors over San Antonio Spurs: So we get a line with GS greater than 1 possession count me in for that value. Why is the line so high ? Gs played last night for their 4th game in 6 nights. Big deal the game last night was in Dall. Gs had an easy time of it. GS is 11-6 ATS on zero days rest. Revenge? On 01/25 Gs at home beat SA 120-90.

New York Knicks (NYK) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (MINN) 02/20/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Minnesota Timberwolves over New York Knicks: Both teams played last night and lost. Both teams are bad. The coaching change for NY has done nothing. Ny has lost 7 in a row and are 1-11 in their last 12. Now they are being asked to travel to Minn win one on the road to get the money. This is an older disinterested team playing out the string.

Miami Heat (MIA) vs Charlotte Hornets (CHARL) 02/05/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Charlotte Hornets over Miami Heat: This sets up for a very flat spot for Mia. In their last 22 games 21 have included a court change and travel. They have played 14 of their last 16 on the road. This will be their last game before finally heading home. Super Sunday afternoon at home they face LAC. That will start an extended home stand.

Atlanta Hawks (ATL) vs Charlotte Hornets (CHARL) 01/13/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Atlanta Hawks over Charlotte Hornets: Atl really is an offensive team of extremes. When their offense is clicking they regularly put up 115+ points. When they are cold they are cold there is no in between. I have this game at 4.0 so we get good value but if their offense is on it will not even be close.