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Arkansas State Red Wolves vs Nevada Wold Pak Arizona Bowl 12-29-18

Arkansas State Red Wolves #245 over Nevada Wolf Pak Arizona Bowl: While all the attention is on the bigger bowl games we get value on a lesser one. Ark St finished the season winning 4 in a row. Ark St is 15th in the nation against the pass. Nev will have some success moving the ball on the ground. However the wring team is favored. Ark St. is experienced with Sr. Qb Hansem expected to go out with a big game. I have this line at 2.5 giving us excellent value.

Houston Cougars vs Army Black Knights Armed forces bowl 12-22-18

Army Black Knights #224 over Houston Cougars Armed Forces Bowl: Houst will start freshman Qb Tune for the second time with King out. Houst has also lost a Rb and 4 defensive linemen. Houst struggled down the stretch. Houst has faced similar offenses this year in Navy and Memphis with poor results. Army is better than both those teams especially on the defensive side. Like all military schools Army will bring it all full effort play hard and disciplined. Army is experienced having played in this bowel last year. Army finished the year winning 8 straight.

Georgia Southern Eagles vs Eastern Michigan Eagles 12-15-18

Georgia Southern Eagles #208 over Eastern Michigan Eagles: Well someone named eagles is going to win this game. Ok bad joke. G.Southern runs the triple option. Very tough to defend. E.Mich played a similar offense at home in Army and gave up 37. Granted Army is better than G.Southern but this game is at a neutral site in Alabama. E. Mich seems happy to be here while G. South is focused on getting a 10 win season. I have this game at 5.5 giving us excellent value.

Northwestern Wildcats vs Ohio State Buckeyes 12-01-18

Northwestern Wildcats #321 over Ohio State Buckeyes: Oh St. needs some help and a dominant performance tonight in order to get into the playoff. That in itself has the points inflated for this match up. This game will be played at a neutral site Lucas Oil stadium. Oh St. has been inconsistent to say the least and their defense has struggled at times. Thorson is the type of Qb that can give them trouble. Add the reputation and name coach Myer and this line is reputation over reality. I have this game at 13.5 giving us excellent value.

Byu Cougars vs Utah Utes 11-24-18

Byu Cougars #183 over Utah Utes: This is a lot of points for what will likely be a low scoring game. It is the “holy war” a rivalry game both teams will come to play with mixed emotions. Byu has already qualified for a bowl game. Next Friday UT has the Pac 12 championship game on tap vs. Wash. These are very similar teams that play the same style. Give UT all the credit in the world with starting Qb Huntley and starting RB Moss out (84%) of their offense they continue to play well and win games but this simply too many points. I have this game at 8.5 giving us excellent value.

New Mexico Lobos vs Air Force Falcons 11-10-18

New Mexico Lobos #183 over Air Force Falcons: Air Force gave their all and hung with a very good Army team losing 17-14. The result have them overvalue this week. These 2 teams are not that far apart. Record wise and historically they have played close games. New Mex is very familiar with the Air Force option offense. Expect points to be scored in this one with the s/u winner in doubt well into the 4th quarter. I have this game at 11.5 giving us excellent value.

South Florida Bulls vs. Cincinnati Bearcats 11-10-18

Cincinnati Bearcats #156 over South Florida Bulls: Two teams clearly headed in opposite directions. S.Flor has given up 98 points in their last 2 games. Strong does not know what to do with the offense. Play fast lose play slow cannot move the ball. Conversely Cinci is building something special after a early season struggle. Cinci has an excellent defense a superb run game qualities you look for this late in the season. Expected to be cold tonight at game time which will also help the home team. Potential blow out here especially if CInci gets off to a quick start I do not see S.

Michigan State Spartans vs Maryland Terrapins 11-03-18

Michigan State Spartans #347 over Maryland Terrapins: Not often I will spot road points but it is warranted here. Mich St. will do just enough on offense and specifically QB where they are weak to win and cover this line. Their defense is excellent #1 against the run. That plays right into the Mary strength which is running the ball. When Mary cannot move the ball on the ground they really struggle at QB and pass offense.

South Florida Bulls vs Houston Cougars 10-27-18

Houston Cougars #184 over South Florida Bulls: I am expecting a high scoring game. We have an undefeated team on the road spotting substantial points. What does that tell you? S.Flor is not for real they have played a very weak schedule. S.Flor defense is young and will face a prolific offense the likes of which they have not seen this year. S.Flor also has weak Qb so if they do fall behind it is unlikely the back door will remain open if S.Flor has to rely on throwing the ball. S.Flor is most effective when they can run but Houst although weak on defense is good at stopping the run.

Oregon Ducks vs Washington State Cougars 10-20-18

Washington State Cougars #368 over Oregon Ducks: Pac 12 huge game which should be a light up the score board up and down the field track meet. Wash St. has played the more difficult schedule coming in at 80 while Org is at 111. Org is off a tough home win in OT vs. Wash. Wash St. is off a bye. Combine the more rested team at home and I have this game priced out at 4.5 giving us excellent value.