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Los Angeles Kings vs Arizona Coyotes

Arizona Coyotes over Los Angeles Kings: Ariz takes a big step down in class here. Ariz just finished playing STl 7 straight games and went 4-2-1. Lak have won 2 in a row. Sj 6-2 a bad team with weak goaltending and Minn who was off a w week Covid layoff. So we get to sell Lak high. We get a big adv in net with Quick vs. Kuemper. Yes Ariz struggles to score goals but that is more than offset against a Lak team on the road ranked 25th defensively. Lak have played the 17th ranked SOS Ariz 7th. I made this game 1.60 giving us excellent value.

Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins over Philadelphia Flyers: Phil has some substantial injuries that have not been accurately reflected in the line. Bost has a med adv in net.   Phil has played Pitts and Buff in their 4 games and have been outshot in all 4. Bost has played 3 games on the road against Nj and Nyi 2 very defensive teams. It seems as if the BOst offense is struggling however against an injury riddled weak Phil defense chances are tonight they get back on track. I made this game 1.45 giving us excellent value.

Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lighting Adj series price

Tampa Bay Lightning over Dallas Stars Adj Series price: Tb got off to a slow start after their gruelling win over Nyi. However by the 3rd period they were back to dominating. Tb is the deeper more talented team. I like the Dall team and we rode them vs. Col especially. If Khudobin continues to stand on his head so be it. I had Tb handicapped to win this series in 6 before it started. Nothing has changed my mind. After the loss in game 1 the price is playable and has value. Depending on tonight’s result we will navigate from there.

Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning Best of 7 series

Tampa Bay lightning over Boston Bruins Best of 7 series: There is very little that separates these 2 teams. All indications this is going to be a long series. The deciding factor as usual will be in net. Vasilevskiy vs. Halak. Do not get me wrong Halak is a very good back up at this stage of his career but that is what he is a back up. In addition what happens when these teams go back to back Tues and Wed. Halak has not done so in ages. Bost really has no one else to turn to. For this reason the value is with Tb. I have this series at 1.22 giving us excellent value.

Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche over Dallas Stars: Dall took down Cal in 6 games. I will go as far they struggled to do so against a team down Tchauk and with weak goaltending. Now they take a big big step up with little prep time to face Col. Col did what they were supposed to do beat Ariz in 5. The only reason they lost 1 game is that Keumper stole one. This is a focused deep team. Dall may have a slight adv on defense however after that all the arrows point to Col. I have this game at 1.81 giving us excellent value.

Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders

New York Islanders over Washington Capitals: Break down any category over the first 3 games adv points to Nyi. 5 X 5 play Nyi have out shot Wash 75-53.  Most importantly med adv in net with Varlamov over Holtby. There will be people that will simply bet against a sweep which is the case tonight. No Wash I do not expect to just roll over and go home. Close out games are the most difficult to win. However I have priced this game at 1.24 giving us excellent value.

Colorado Avalanche vs Arizona Coyotes

Colorado Avalanche over Arizona Coyotes: Last night we lost with Veg over Chic as they dominated and played the game for the most part in the Chic zone. Crawford had the game of his life. I only mention this because this series as well has been a complete mis-match other than Kuemper. Although Col leads 2-1 they have outplayed and out shot Ariz by a wide margin. Shots over the 3 games 119-67. Any goalie can only hold it down for so long. I have this game at 2.02 giving us excellent value.

Vegas Golden Knights vs Chicago Blackhawks

Vegas Golden Knights over Chicago Blackhawks: These 2 teams go back to back with Veg up 3-0. Although Fluery played well yesterday it will likely be back to Lehner today. Back to back with the youth and depth obviously favors Veg. Chic has been competitive they are not going to just roll over but tough to see where they summon the energy if they fall behind again in game 4. I have this game at 2.05 giving us excellent value.

Washington Capitals vs New York Islanders

New York Islanders over Washington Capitals: The market keeps giving us plus money on Nyi we will keep betting it. Must win is a useless angle. That does not mean Wash will not win today but that will not be the reason. The public likes to bet on teams who need to win. Nyi have dominated the first 2 games 5 on 5. Now for game 3 they will get the last change. Adv Trotz. Nyi have adv in goaltending, depth defense and balance of scoring not to mention coaching. This may be the toughest test yet for Nyi but I again have this game at pick giving us excellent value.

New York Islanders vs Washington Capitals

New York Islanders over Washington Capitals: Wash has the reputation which has this line higher than it should be. We have an adv in net with Varlamov over Holtby. Wash will be without a key player in Backstrom. In game 1 Wash jumped out to a 2-0 lead mid way through the 2nd period. Both goals were on the PP. Wash had 7 PP to Nyi 4 in game 1. Wash only had 26 total shots in the game and only 14 were at EV strength. In other words as long as Nyi stay out of the box for game 2 a win is likely. People will auto bet a zig zag in the playoffs without going under the hood.


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