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Minnesota Wild vs Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers over Minnesota Wild: Minn has been playing better. We ger an opportunity to sell high. Minn also has somer serious home/away dichotomy. Both teams go with goalies with 1 carer starts so there is some risk on both sides however we will go with the team much more gifted offensively. Flor is 4th home on offense Minn is ranked 25th on the road. I have this game at 1.32 giving us excellent value.

Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers over Detroit Red Wings: After a fast start Edm has cooled down somewhat. However Det is ice cold having lost 8 in a row. Edm is much more responsible defensively on the road not looking to put on a show for the home fans. Also makes sense since Edm is so top heavy the 2nd and 3rd lines are contributing little offensively so they must be responsible on the defensive side. Meanwhile Det struggles to get anything going offensively. I have this game at 1.51 giving us excellent value.

New York Islanders vs Ottawa Senators

New York Islanders over Ottawa Senators: After a slow start the Nyi have won 5 in a row. Couple of factors with this line lower than it should be. Nyi played last night at home winning 4-2 over Ariz. Secondly they will go with back up Greiss who is not much of a drop off if any over Varlamov. Next Ott won their last home game 5-2 vs. a depleted Det team. I have this game at 1.57 giving us excellent value. 

Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils

Edmonton Oilers over New Jersey Devils: Edm is off to a good start with new coach and GM. This team has obviously underperformed the last few years. If Edm gets ant type of decent goaltending and plays some defense with their offense they will make the playoffs. Edm has scored 14 goals in their forst 3 games. Conversely NJ over performed last year. They also do not look right early on after getting shut out 4-0 in Phil last night. Nj a team usually strong defensively has given up 16 goals in 3 games. I have this game at pick giving us excellent value.  

San Jose Sharks vs Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators over San Jose Sharks: This will be the 3rd consecutive home game for Nash. Beat Minn lost to Det with Saros in net. They dominated that game but weak goaltending cost them. For Sj this will be their 4th game in 6 nights with a rink change each time. Offense is struggling the club is banged up and Jones is again like last year struggling in net. Their first 3 games they have been outscored 12-3. This is a good team and they will turn it around just do not think it starts tonight. I have this game at 1.68 giving us excellent value.

Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes

Boston Bruins over Carolina Hurricanes Game 4 Incl OT: This bet is not about Car packing it in. I do not anticipate they will go down without a fight. However their PP is struggling goaltending is in flux. Car has had an excellent year they have exceeded expectations however they might be out of gas. Bost and Rask are in excellent form. 6W in a row Rask has allowed 9 goals. Bost is a veteran team they know a close out game is the toughest to get. They also know the importance of not letting the team back in it. Bost will not let up. I have this game at 1.21 giving us excellent value.

Colorado Avalanche vs San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks over Colorado Avalanche game 7 incl OT: Give Col all the credit in the world for getting where they are. However 2 issues still remain. They have a huge H/A dichotomy. Secondly very dependent on the 1 big line lacking scoring balance and depth. Of course anything can happen in 1 game. However this line is the second lowest at home for Sj since game 1. Game 1 is where the markets anticipated Sj being flat from the Veg miracle game 7 comeback. However that did not catch up to Sj until game 2. The exp from the Veg game 7 should help not wanting to fall behind again.

New York Islanders vs Carolina Huricanes

New York Islanders over Carolina Hurricanes game 3 Incl OT: 2 losses at home has Nyi in a must win situation. Must win does not mean they will win. However plus money on a game which like the first 2 will be a low scoring 1 goal game is the value. Worst case Nyi deserved a split at home but that was not the case but it does lend to a higher than should be line tonight. In addition 36 year old McElhinney will get the start for Car with Mrazek out. McElhinney was good in relief but coming in with no notice vs. starting is 2 different issues.

Colorado Avalanche vs San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks over Colorado Avalanche game 2 incl OT: Sj was prime for the taking in game 1 off the draining series with Veg but Col could not take adv. Yes Col was impressive in taking down Cal but has them overrated. They had a large home away dichotomy all year. Against top 10 teams they were 10-21. If Grubauer outplays Jones so be it but the depth and balance points to Sj. I have this game at 1.40 giving us excellent value.