Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics over Los Angeles Angels: Not often in baseball you will have a situational portion of handicap but we have one here. Laa played in Sea Sunday afternoon. They had to travel to Chic yesterday for an afternoon make up game. Now they are back home to face Oak tonight. This will also be the 1st time Canning will face a team for a 2nd time. Canning numbers are good however he has given up 6HRS in only 32.6 inngs of work. He has faced weak competition and see him as a small negative regression candidate. Montas had a rare bad start against Laa. His control failed him with 5BB. This had not been an issue for him prior. 64.0 inngs 66k with only 18BB. I expect a bounce back. I will rate bullpens, starting pitching, and offenses equal. Taking into account the situations I have this game at 1.14 giving us excellent value.