Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals over Cincinnati Reds: Wash is 2-10 when Scherzer starts. Combine this with the awful bullpen of Wash and the markets have moved in on Cinci. I will buck that and put my money on Wash. Scherzer numbers are not that far off his BAA at 251 is a little high but nothing wrong with his stuff. 77.6 inngs 102K vs. 17BB. Gray has rebounded from his stay in Ny but is still not at the level of Scherzer. Gray also does not pitch deep into games. I will rate the offenses equal give a med adv to Cinnci in the bullpen. Hopefully Scherzer can keep pitch count low go 8 and only need 1 inng from Doolittle.  I have Wash priced at 1.29 giving us excellent value.