Why Us?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rick Steel. I have been handicapping sports as my primary source of income for over 15 years. I have been approached many times over the years to sell my picks on a package or per play basis. I have never done so and would not feel comfortable doing this. There are as you are probably aware so many scam artists, and frauds who are just interested in separating you from your money. Promising you the world, unrealistic records, giving out both sides of a game (at least half the customers will be happy this time) the horror stories go on and on including some people who have actually lost their homes to these unscrupulous low-life's. Not exactly the kind of people I want to be grouped in with.



I am a professional sports handicapper dedicated to producing consistent winners. I live and breath this business. I am up everyday before 6 am spending hours and hours 7 days a week 52 weeks a year analyzing the games finding the edges searching for value. After offering a few close friends my picks over the years I realized I enjoy helping them as much as winning myself. I do the work anyway. Rest assured every play I send out I play myself as well. My money is earned by picking winners the same as anyone else.

Picks are released based on value. I am under no pressure because I do not sell picks or packages; to post picks for the sake of action. When there is value we will play it whether for a particular day there is zero plays or 10. That edge WILL produce profits on a yearly basis.I do not like gambling I like winning.

Perhaps you are too busy to do your own handicapping, perhaps you do not have the knowledge and experience to be successful YET on your own; then why not come along for the ride and let me put you on a few more winners and keep you off of a few more losers.

I look forward to helping you for many years and the accomplishments we will enjoy together.