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Los Angeles Rams vs Chicago Bears 12-09-18

Los Angeles Rams over Chicago Bears: Trubisky likely to make his return here however all that has done is help lower the line. Still a big gap between himself and Goff. Lar will be able to put some heat on him forcing him into some errors. Yes the Chic defense is good but the best offense to date they have gone up against Ne put 38 on them. Lar have played the 11th ranked SOS Chic comes in at 30th. Lar have clinched the division so what about motivation? Sunday night prime time stand alone game and Lar are still fighting for the #1 seed to answer the question.

NCAAF Bowl Handicapping Tips

Over the next month the college football bowl games will be played culminating with the playoff format to determine a champion.

 Handicapping bowl games is a totally different beast than handicapping games during the regular season.

 Look to play ON double digit underdogs in the minor bowl games. If you are a big favorite in a game like this it indicates more was expected from you this season and this bowl game is a disappointment. The larger the underdog in games like this the greater the motivation and reward to actually be playing in a bowl game.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Anaheim Ducks 12-07-18

Anaheim Ducks over Carolina Hurricanes 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Ana got off to a horrendous start mainly due to injuries. They are healthier than anytime this year. Ana has won 5 in a row and are 7-3 last 10. Even when they were losing it was offense that struggled Gibson is one of the best goaltenders in the game. Car will play their 6th straight where they have had to travel. Stall is likely out along with leading scorer Ferland. Regardless who they start in net we get a med adv. Couple this with home ice and I have this game at 1.26 giving us excellent value.