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Pittsburgh Penguins vs New Jersey Devils 02-19-19

Pittsburgh Penguins over New Jersey Devils 1st 60 minutes ONLY: Pitts cannot afford to take NJ lightly. Pitts is a bubble team at the moment to make the playoffs. NJ has won the first 3 meetings between these teams. It is very rare that a lesser team sweeps the season series from the better team.  The last meeting 01/28 NJ went into Pitts and won 6-3. I have this game at 1.95 giving us excellent value.

2019 Apple App/MLB spring training

The 2019 Apple app is now available for download in the apple I tunes store. The android app in the google play store has been available since the beginning of the year. All my bets, analysis and alerts with running records per sport for the year. Never miss a bet acquire the best lines and allows you to be mobile at the same time.

Charlotte Hornets vs Orlando Magic 02-14-19

Orlando Magic over Charlotte Hornets: Orl has won 4 in a row confidence is high as they try and keep it going before the break. Wins recently include Ind, Mil Brkln, and Minn. Charl on the other hand has no quality wins recently. If Walker is on they are tough if he is avg they are a mediocre team at best. CHarl has a big home away dichotomy. Lastly Orl has lost 13 straight to this team and do not think that is not on their mind to end that streak. I have this game at 5.0 giving us excellent value.