2019 MLB All-star break

The close of the baseball menu Sunday will bring us to the all-star break. Monday July 8th up to including Wednesday July 10th there will be no games (at least the sports I bet on) no plays. I will be tweeting throughout this period. There is 1 game on Thursday July 11th so we will see but I will update the website and app on that day.

I am not whining far from it but I am up every day at 5:00am 7 days a week putting in long long hours especially through the fall and winter months when the schedule is heavier handicapping games monitoring lines for value. These are the ONLY 4 days off I get all year.

It has been said many times find something you are passionate about figure out a way to make money at it and you will never work a day in your life. However having said that it is nice to recharge the batteries.

Believe it or not the NFLX schedule and the NCAAF season are just around the corner. So kick back catch your breath and get ready for the start of the busy season.


Have a GREAT break!