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The essential need for Patience

Regardless if you participate in this business full or part time if you take this endeavor seriously PATIENCE must be incorporated into your personality.

When I got involved in sports betting 25+ years ago I had zero patience in my life period. I was always looking for the big score for instant gratification. This issue was my greatest challenge in order for me to be successful at sports betting. I wanted to do this full time right away but looking back I had no clue.

Avoid these common mistakes

1) Being Under Capitalized. Do not be disillusioned to think you can make a full time living on a minimal bankroll.

 2) Not having enough sports book accounts funded whereby you are not getting the best number available. Betting -1.20 when -1.14 is available is just burning money.

 3) Not following proper money management procedures. There is no such thing as a lock in this business. However risking more than 2% of your bankroll on a game will guarantee you will not be around long term.

MLB Betting Tips 2019

With the MLB season just getting underway now is a good time to mention a few items to look out for.

There is a sweet spot in MLB lines from -1.40-1.80 where the public is hesitant to lay the juice. Making picks in this range where appropriate is a common place to find value. In this area you find undervalued favorites which sometimes should be priced -2.00-2.50.

A pitcher who does not get strikeouts and/or ground balls is subject to big innings.

Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies 03-20-19

Houston Rockets over Memphis Grizzlies: We get a favorable number because Houst will play a 4th game in 6 nights. Prior 2 games were at home last night was in Atl. No one is playing heavy minutes fatigue should not be an issue. Houst is 7-3 ATS on zero days rest. Houst still has a shot catching Den for the 2nd seed. Houst is 13-1 s/u in their last 14. Mem is playing out the string and has been for awhile. They made many changes at the deadline and are still in a rebuild mode. Mem is ranked 30th dead last on offense at home.

Handicapping the madness of March NCAAB

Obviously filling out a bracket is a different beast than handicapping individual games of the tournament with point spreads. Next week’s grapevine I will help you with your bracket this week we will deal with the spreads.

 1) Forget about the conference tournaments underway. March madness is a different beast. There is no carryover of momentum for teams that performed well in those tournaments. In fact some coaches could care less about those tournaments and focus on getting their teams ready for the big dance.

Self Control Life Lessons

As I mention often sports betting principles of value, discipline, self-control overall mindset and attitude can be applied effectively not only for this business but to improve your daily life. Here are issues to avoid:

Poor money management 

Getting too emotional over wins and losses. Losses and bad beats are just the tax we pay along the way. Wins should be common occurrence. There is the adage when you score a TD no big deal you do it all the time or another way to look at it like a slot machine that is often paying off. 

2019 Apple App/MLB spring training

The 2019 Apple app is now available for download in the apple I tunes store. The android app in the google play store has been available since the beginning of the year. All my bets, analysis and alerts with running records per sport for the year. Never miss a bet acquire the best lines and allows you to be mobile at the same time.