2021 Spring training games MLB

It baffles me when ignorant individuals comment about being degenerate betting such events as pre-season NFL or MLB spring training. It is a true indication they have no concept of sports betting. Value is value regardless if there is weakness in a line for the Super Bowl or Detroit vs. Kansas City in a March baseball game. The money is exactly the same.

With MLB spring training games beginning now is a good time to mention we will be betting some spring training games this year. I suggest these bets you risk 0.50 units on each bet. These bets will not be part of our official record but obviously I do expect to make money on them.

Given some of you will not have access to these bets is the main reason I will not include them in the official record. The lines move quickly most games are during the day and these bets are all about the starting line ups so I will not be providing game analysis.

These bets I will tweet out as I make my bet as well. So it is vitally important amongst many other reasons that you follow me on Twitter @ricksteel99 and that you turn on the notifications so you are alerted each time I tweet. You should be doing this already anyway so you are alerted each time I update the app/site with new pick(s). 


If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to contact.