Bet properly to win or lose you choose

People who bet for a living are monitoring the lines all day long every day. If you are doing this part time you need to find someone you trust who you can follow 100% of the time; especially if your goal is to generate a full-time income at some point in this business.

The more outs you have to shop for the best prices the better deals you will find. Line shopping is tedious however it is so important and often ignored by many hopeful aspiring bettors. It is a critical lesson to learn in your sports betting education. Half a point on a spread one cent on a money line is HUGE. Realize effectively shopping having many outs you lose less and make more thus increasing your bottom line without even a change in your win lose record. This is HUGE!

If you are consistently beating the closing line (CLV) you will be a winning bettor long term. If you find yourself on the wrong end of the line more times than not you have NO chance. When the price has moved lower than what you bet it is the market screaming you are on the wrong side. Closing line value matters.

Your job as a bettor is to find the flaws in other words value. The bookmaker’s job is to create a line and move the line accordingly in attempt to create balanced action. Think about this and decide who has the easier job. Combine this concept with the fact the bookmaker has to post a line on virtually every game and we get to cherry pick which games we find flaws and you can see why sports betting can be so profitable.

Your ability to evaluate teams only takes you so far, your ability to price them accurately is the key. Remember we bet numbers not teams.


Understanding positive and negative regression should be a focus.