Know your edge be realistic!

The difference between being highly profitable or losing money in this business is razor thin. In a micro example 11-9 every 20 plays +1.1 units = big money. 10-10 every 20 plays -1.0 units eventually your bankroll grinds to zero. I know the above is a simplistic example but over a large enough sample size that is exactly what happens.

 You must know YOUR edge. It is likely different for each sport you handicap. If you are a long term 50% handicapper or less you need to find someone to help you get to at least 53% where money is made. (However NEVER NEVER pay for picks) Find a full time professional who has more time, experience and knowledge than you. In addition, study, read, and professionally develop to increase your own knowledge moving your edge closer and closer to 53%. Remember this business is not about ego it is about winning and making money.

 One last warning; anyone that boasts a higher win% over a large enough sample size of 55% run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and hang on to your wallet.