NFLX 2022 Kick off

Believe it or not the 2022 NFLX schedule is about to get underway. We will bet the occasional NFLX game although our tolerance for value (our line vs. the line at the sports book) is higher. There are some years where the results of NFLX outperform that of the regular season. It is the one time where the head coaches tell you exactly their game plan. QB rotation how long the starters will play what areas they want to focus on etc. etc.

A word of caution however. Sports book limits are lower for pre-season games therefore the lines move faster when money arrives. It is important as always that when I alert you of a new pick posted to the site that you bet it right away before the line moves against you and the value is gone. Easy way to guarantee your timing follow me on Twitter @ricksteel99 turn on the notifications. You will be alerted every time I update the site with new pick(s). 

Take this as a reminder it is critical to YOUR success that you have many fully funded sports book accounts to effectively shop for the best line available. Half a point can often be the difference between a loss vs. a push or a push vs. a win. There is simply no excuse to have many books available to bet at. The legalization across North America along with the ones I deal with in the grey offshore marketplace will serve you well.

We are about to enter the busy fall season which will take us right through to the spring covering football, basketball, hockey, and baseball playoffs.

Great time of year, been doing this now for over 20 years never gets old still gets my adrenaline pumping when a sport that I handicap new season begins. Especially in the fall and spring as the sports converge.

The sports books on my site are the safest, biggest and most importantly companies that have been in the business for 15+ years. I carry substantial balances at all of them. YOU WILL get paid. YOU WILL not get cut off when you win. When you are opening additional sports book accounts, please do so FROM the banners text links of my site so the sports book knows where you are coming from.