NEVER NEVER pay for picks

It is that time again the busy fall season around the corner NCAAF NFL starting up soon NHL NBA with MLB stretch run taking place. It is also the time when ALL the low life’s return from climbing out from under their rocks.

NEVER pay for picks! under ANY circumstances. Subscribers that have been with me many years know that I harp on this issue all the time. However despite me doing this I am constantly receiving emails from people and the horror stories of how they have been ripped off by a tout. Think about it? If this scam artist is REALLY a successful sports bettor why do they need your lousy $50 for a game or worse $1,000 for a season. These low life’s have NO inside information and very likely you are much better at handicapping games than they are.   I will NEVER charge for picks. Not that I cannot. I have been offered many opportunities to do so and frankly I could make much more money.

 When you are charging for picks you will create picks for the sake of action whether there is value or not. After all that is how you make money; in my opinion it is a clear conflict of interest.

 I personally am only interested in providing high quality high value picks. In a perfect situation there are many high value picks on a given day. However let us look at this logically. How many games on a given day can there be weaknesses in the line? Definitely not as many as are for sale that is for sure. I am under no pressure to produce volume of picks, therefore able to provide you with the best possible service. Rest assured every play posted I bet myself at my full unit. In addition every game of every sport that I handicap is fully researched on a daily basis for value and weakness in the line.

 The picks I post on the site and app are the picks. There are no other picks that I bet just myself. There are not some picks that are free and others that cost money. Everyone gets the same picks every day.


 While other tout sites charge thousands of dollars for an inferior service my picks remains FREE. If you even purchase 1 pick 1 month 1 season or for 1 year mathematically your breakeven point changes dramatically and over the long term it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn a profit while paying fees. It is impossible to record a high enough win % to overcome the fees you will end up paying. I have warned you I have done my job. However do not just take my word for it do the math for yourself and I promise you; you will never think about even twice to purchase a pick.