NO Overtime NO Shootouts for NHL Betting

The NHL regular season gets underway this week. For those of you that have been following me for a while this Grapevine will act as reminder for those of you new please take note. As detailed on the NHL page of my website, ALL NHL bets are for regulation time ONLY. I am not interested in risking money on a 4 on 4 overtime which is basically shinny or even worse a shootout which is nothing more than a glorified skills competition. Could you imagine an MLB game tied being decided by a home run hitting contest because that is the equivalent. Therefore if the game is tied after 60 minutes and we are on the money line the bet is a push.

 Two sportsbooks that are on my site that offer hockey lines for 60 minutes ONLY are Pinnacle and 5dimes. If you do not have an account open and funded at one of these places you need to in order to effectively bet hockey. Make sure when opening your new sports book account at these places you do so by clicking the text links banners FROM my site so the sports book knows where you are coming from.

 Hockey lines move fast. Limits are lower volume of dollars bet are lower. It becomes increasingly important not to wait too long after I release the pick to make your bet or the line will be vastly different likely no longer having value.

 Similar to MLB with hockey we mainly deal with money lines. You will constantly hear me preach it is essential just like point spreads you shop for the best line possible. In order to shop effectively you MUST have at least 3 fully funded sports books that you can trust.

 Regardless of the dollar value of your unit every penny that you pay more than what is posted on my site or every penny that you do not get if we are the dog will turn out to be huge percentage wise at the end of every year.

 If anyone has any questions relating to the above topics do not hesitate to contact.