Understand the daily grind

What do you believe is your biggest personal challenge to success in sports betting? Let me know if I can help you overcome this obstacle.

Regardless if you participate in this business full or part time, regardless if you want to make serious money a secondary income or treat it as entertainment (no one likes to lose money) a big dose of PATIENCE must be included.

When I got involved in sports betting 25+ years ago I had zero patience in my life period. I was always looking for the big score for instant gratification. This issue was my greatest challenge in order for me to be successful at sports betting. I wanted to do this full time right away but looking back I had no clue.

Money management, work ethic was not going to be issues it was always going to boil down to patience if I was going to be successful at this long term. Fast forward 15+ years of doing this full time and I can proudly say not only have I conquered the patience issue in all aspects of my life but realize it is the ONLY way!

Sports betting is often portrayed as big life changing swings huge highs and lows. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a daily grind an enjoyable one if you are passionate about what you do but none the less a grind.

Understanding the expectations and psychological sides of betting is just as important as the handicapping. When the bettor has an edge that is bigger than the market it simply requires patience to work that edge over large sample sizes which eliminate short term luck and randomness.

Serious bettors know how important value is and how important even the smallest movement in the line up or down can impact value.

In conclusion and believe me I know it is easier said than to implement but when you realize there is no alternative to success patience is the only way.  Focus on the big picture. Do not let short term randomness impact your daily decision making. When you have that edge and you are suffering losses realize it is just a sequence within a much bigger sample that will produce profits.