What to do while sports betting on hold?

Unprecedented but totally understandable given the current circumstances. No sports obviously means no sports betting at the moment. Besides the fact that sports betting is my livelihood it is also my passion. Next to my family it is all encompassing.

There was a funny tweet I read. “With no sports betting I decided to go upstairs and talk to my family. They seem like nice people.” It is meant obviously to be funny but it hit home for me given how much time we invest in sports betting.

So what can we do right now to turn a negative into a positive? Well first if you know anyone that needs help support just someone to talk to be there for them.

However as it relates to this business take advantage of this extra time NOW.

The NHL NBA could end up going deep into the summer so when sports do ramp up again we will be extremely busy.

Make sure you are dealing with enough sports books to effectively shop. To deal with the same sports books I deal with click on the banners FROM my home page pshltd.com open accounts or if already have accounts make sure they are adequately funded based on your unit $amount your bankroll and your goals for this business.

Look back over your results from last year 2019. See where you can improve.

Lastly take advantage of this time to be a better sports handicapper. Increase the tools techniques you use to handicap games. Knowledge is power. Power turns into profits.

Go to my website click on betting tips. Re-read review or read for the first time as many of the articles you deem pertinent. Go to my you tube channel watch the betting advice videos. The more tools you have in your chest to analyze games the better more profitable handicapper you become.

Lastly I am here as usual to support you answer your questions all with the goal of helping you to become a more effective sports handicapper.