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Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers over Indianapolis Colts: Part of the favorable line this week for us on GB is at home result against Jax only winning by 4. The score was not indicative of how the game played out GB outgaining Jax 395-260. When I can get Rodgers as a dog over Rivers that usually will mean value. Rodgers will also be getting 1 of his weapons back in WR Lazard. Another factor creating value is the Indi #1 ranked overall defense. They are good but not that good. This will be the best offense they have faced this year.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns over Philadelphia Eagles: Similar game to last week vs. Houst except the weather is expected to be much better. We absorbed a very tough push felt like a loss when Chubb went out of bounds at the 1 to run out the clock. If you did not push I highly recommend you go back to my betting advice videos on you tube and review the topics of line shopping, timing the market and having many sports book accounts. So we move on to this week. The market is still waiting for Phil to turn it around. Wentz has the most INTS in the NFL. He looks lost out there.

Iowa Hawkeyes vs Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota Golden Gophers #128 over Iowa Hawkeyes: The Minn defense is not good at all. However they have also played some very good offenses making those numbers even worse. Offensively at home they will take a step down in class tonight with Iowa. Iowa is a decent team good run game but the gap at Qb between Petras and Morgan is wide. Morgan is supported by stud running back Ibrahim. Minn has a balanced dynamic offense. We are not asking the Minn defense to win the game just simply make the odd stop and let the Minn offense force Iowa to play from behind.

Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks over Los Angeles Rams: We went down on Sea last week as Buff along with Allen had an excellent game plan. Now we get Sea on a bounce back against a Lar team over rated. First Wilson vs. Goff is a big gap. The Lar are ranked 2nd in overall defense but that has come against really weak offenses. The way to beat Sea throw the ball deep forget the run. Lar Goff lack the accuracy and deep threats to take adv of this. Yes Lar will get their scores but will not be able to keep pace with Sea.

Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns over Houston Texans: Clev is off their bye and expected to get back Teller and Chubb which is big. Houst has cluster injuries in the 2ndary and linebacker positions which weakens an already poor defense. I expect Clev to control both lines of scrimmage. Clev has the 5th ranked rush offense and will go up against the worst team in the NFL at stopping the run in Houst. The success of the Clev run game should open things up for Mayfield in the pass game. Mayfield and Watson in my opinion are a wash.

Clemson Tigers vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Clemson Tigers #401 over Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 2 market forces keeping this line lower than it should be. Yes Lawrence is out there has been an over compensation for this. Uiagalelei is going to do just fine. In addition he has as support the best RB in the country. #2 It seems to the market Clem struggled against Bost Coll and they did + ND is better than Bost Coll. However that was a look ahead game for Clemthey turned it on when they needed to won and move on. The talent gap between these 2 teams is much bigger than the posted line.

Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills

Seattle Seahawks over Buffalo Bills: Buff at 6-2 are frauds. Their point differential is horrible. Allen has regressed after market thought he has taken steps forward time will tell. As mentioned last week vs. SF Sea defense is average middle of the pack unlike statistically given how dynamic and how quickly the Sea offense scores. In addition S Adams is expected back and Dunlap should play after the trade from Cinci. The weather is expected to be unseasonably warm for this time of year minimal wind.

Navy Midshipmen vs SMU Mustangs

Navy Midshipmen #159 over SMU Mustangs: We faded SMU successfully last week against Cinci at home and will not hesitate to do so again this week. This offense is not the same without Roberson and McDaniel. Navy has played the 46th SOS SMU comes in at 79. Market is expecting SMU to bounce back against last week loss but in my opinion this team is over rated and even if they do bounce back does not mean they cover this big line.

San Francisco 49er's vs Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49er’s: Sf given their injuries are getting too much respect. Mostert and Wilson are both out. Samuel is out. Their defense although solid has been decimated by injuries all year. The gap in passing offense of these two teams is huge. With both Rbs likely out for Sea this could actually put even more focus on Wilson moving the ball through the air to his excellent receivers. The Sea defense is not good but their offense scores so quick and so often the defense statistically is not as bad as it seems. SF has a Thurs night game on deck vs. Gb.

Hawaii Rainbow Warriors vs Wyoming Cowboys

Wyoming Cowboys #142 over Hawaii Rainbow Warriors: We have a buy low sell high opportunity. Haw beat Fresno St. last week on the road. Wyo lost on the road in OT to Nev. Haw stayed on the mainland and practiced indoors in Col. Tonight the weather is expected to be around 40 F not exactly what Haw is used to. IN addition they are being asked to win 2 in a row on the road on the mainland before heading home on Nov 7th for their opener. Haw still likes to play at a fast pace but are now a run oriented team rather than pass.


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