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Charlotte Hornets (CHARL) vs Atlanta Hawks (ATL) 12/17/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Atlanta Hawks over Charlotte Hornets: Both teams played last night. Charl lost in Bost without Walker. He will be back tonight. However for Charl this will be game 5 and last of a road trip. They have lost the 4 to date. This will be their 4th game in 6 nights and they are 0-5 ATS with zero days’ rest. Atl has struggled badly but seem to be regaining the form from the start of the year. In a big revenge spot last night they went in and beat Tor. A let down tonight is possible but I do not see it at home. They had the 2 days off prior to last night and Atl is 5-1 ATS with zero days’ rest.

Portland Trailblazers (PORT) vs Milwaukee Bucks (MIL) 12/07/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Milwaukee Bucks over Portland Trailblazers: Under the radar Mil is making strides. In their last game they took SA to the last shot. Port is playing well 3 wins in a row. Port looks for more balance very guard dependent with Lillard and McCollum. Prior to the loss to SA Mil had won 4 in a row. These 2 teams are fairly even offensively. However on the defensive end we get a large adv. Points allowed per game Mil 10th Port 28th def fg % Port 23rd Mil 1st. Rebounding Mil checks in at 7th Port checks in at 21st.

Los Angeles Lakers (LAL) vs Memphis Grizzlies (MEM) 12/03/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Memphis Grizzlies over Los Angeles Lakers: This will be more like a D league game than an NBA game. It would be easier to list the people playing than who are injured for both teams. However that does not mean value cannot be found. Lal will play their 5th game in 7 days and a court change after each game. They had no energy last night in Tor and that was before the travel. This will be game 4 and the last of said road trip. Mem will not change their approach. They are a tough methodical physical defensive minded team that plays at a slow pace. This style will frustrate a young LAL team.

New Orleans Pelicans (NO) vs Portland Trailblazers (PORT) 11/25/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

New Orleans Pelicans over Portland Trailblazers: We cashed last time out with an undervalued NO team and will not hesitate to come back on them tonight. NO have now won 4 in a row coinciding with the return of Holiday. After an 0-8 start they are now 6-2 s/u last 8. Port is playing horrible defense and now they are being asked to cover. Last Fri in NO as a 1 point dog NO beat Port 113-101. Davis scored 38. Now Port is being asked to turn that result around to the tune of over 16 points for us to lose.

Minnesota Timberwolves (MINN) vs New Orleans Pelicans (NO) 11/23/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

New Orleans Pelicans over Minnesota Timberwolves: Minn is a good young team on the rise but they still have to learn how to win on the road. Minn is 1-5 s/u and ats this year. Now they are being asked to win in order to cash. After a very bad start NO has won 3 in a row including last night in Atl 112-94 where they cruised. They had 2 days off prior to that game so it will be a non-issue tonight. The return of Holiday and the improved play of Frazier this will be a team to look to play on when the situation arises and before the market catches up.

Detroit Pistons (DET) vs New York Knicks (NYK) 11/16/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

New York Knicks over Detroit Pistons: It is early in the season but Det is already having quit the dichotomy 5-0 s/u at home and 1-5 on the road. Det has played the 21st toughest schedule so far while NY comes in a 6th. On Nov 1 Det at home beat NY 102-89. Look for that result to reverse itself tonight. I have this game at 3.5 giving us excellent value.

Houston Rockets (HOUST) vs Atlanta Hawks (ATL) 11/05/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Houston Rockets over Atlanta Hawks: Howard will face one of his former teams tonight when Atl plays at home. Howard never fit in with Houst no surprise and although Houst will be a bubble playoff team addition by subtraction applies. Howard is off to a decent start with Atl however Atl losing Teague and Horford this is a team at best in transition. Schroder taking over at PG well that remains tio be seen. Korver weak defensively has not found his shooting touch as yet this year. For Houst Harden will get his how much he plays defense remains to be seen.

San Antonio Spurs (SA) vs Miami Heat (MIA) 10/30/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Miami Heat over San Antonio Spurs: Yes Ginobili and Parker rested last night. Yes SA cruised past NO at home. However this is still a lot of points to spot on the road with an early start in Mia. This will be the 4th game in 6 nights for SA. They started on the west coast GS Sac came home for last night now in Mia. Pop has never cared about winning by a margin and that will go even more so for a scheduling spot like tonight. SA from the beg of reg season is about preparing and staying fresh for the playoffs. Mia blew a 19 point second half lead at home vs. Charl last time out.

Cleveland Cavaliers (CLEV) vs Golden State Warriors (GS) 06/02/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Cleveland Cavaliers over Golden State Warriors 1st Half ONLY: The value for this one is in the 1st half. GS is coming off that game 7 and down 3-1 to win the series over OKC. Clev has some extra prep time. This is the rematch from last year. However the difference Clev is healthy with both Love and Irving in the lineup. The addition of Frye also helps especially with all the 3’s that are going to be launched.

Toronto Raptors (TOR) vs. Miami Heat (MIA) 05/07/16 NBA Picks & Predictions

Toronto Raptors over Miami Heat: Mia has not been back to play a game at home since 05/01 game 7 against Charl. In that game they were spotting the same amount of points as today which is ridiculous. Much of the focus is on the shooting woes of Derozan and Lowry and reasonably so. However what is being overlooked the series is 1-1 with both games going to OT. Carroll Ross and JV have all stepped up at different times.