Archived Picks

UAB Blazers vs Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee Volunteers #368 over UAB Blazers: Tenn cannot afford to take this game lightly. They have big adv in experience and size. UAB is already bowl eligible at 6-1. However they are in way over their heads here on the road. Tenn has played the 18th ranked strength of schedule while UAB comes in at 189. The only decent team they played W Kent they lost. Look for Tenn to use multiple QB’s again for this game as they did against S.Car. I have this game at 16.0 giving us excellent value.  

Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies

Phoenix Suns over Memphis Grizzlies: In the tough west no I do not think Phx is a playoff team. However they are off to a nice early start. They could literally be 5-0 s/u. 1 point home loss to Ut and a1 point road OT loss to Den. The additions of Baynes and SAric have really helped. Mem is in a full re-build with Conley Gasol gone. This re-build will centre around Morant and Jackson. However at this point this is little supporting talent. I have this game at 4.0 giving us excellent value.

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens

New England Patriots over Baltimore Ravens: Let us not over think his one. It is rare that you can get value on Ne. I do not hesitate to bet against them when they are over valued and will play on them when we can get a price. Balt is off a bye the hype is on Qb Jackson. Yes he can run but his throwing leaves much to be desired. Balt is ranked 20th in pass offense 1st in rush offense. First off Ne is very good at stopping the run ranked 4th and look for Belichick to create many confusing looks for Jackson to have to deal with.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers

Cleveland Cavaliers over Indiana Pacers: On Oct 26th as a home dog of 4.5 Clev beat Ind 110-99. Now the revenge factor comes into play. Even if Ind wins here at home does not mean they will cover. Thompson is healthy again and playing well as is Love. The energetic back court of Sexton and Garland are young but continue to improve. I am not saying Clev is a good team but they are headed in the right direction. Ind will be without Turner and Sumner. I do not think this has accurately been reflected in the line. Clev has also played the tougher schedule early on.

Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers over Detroit Red Wings: After a fast start Edm has cooled down somewhat. However Det is ice cold having lost 8 in a row. Edm is much more responsible defensively on the road not looking to put on a show for the home fans. Also makes sense since Edm is so top heavy the 2nd and 3rd lines are contributing little offensively so they must be responsible on the defensive side. Meanwhile Det struggles to get anything going offensively. I have this game at 1.51 giving us excellent value.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks

Cleveland Cavaliers over Milwaukee Bucks: For new followers you will hear this often through the year. Can Mil win by more than the spread of course they can but will they is the key question. This is simply a win and move in for Mil. Mil has Bost on the road Wed. It is early but Love and Thompson look to have accepted their leadership role on this young team. There is some talent and Sexton looks to take the next step. I have this game at 13.0 giving us excellent value.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles over Buffalo Bills: Looks like a windy wet game day for Buff in a game that will likely be low scoring. Phil presents a buy low opportunity. Consecutive road losses to Minn and than Sun night to Dall as Phil had 4 turnovers. Buff is 5-1 straight up but always risky laying points with weak offenses. Buff has played the 31st ranked strength of schedule only NE has played an easier SOS. I have this game at 1.5 giving us excellent value.  

New York Islanders vs Ottawa Senators

New York Islanders over Ottawa Senators: After a slow start the Nyi have won 5 in a row. Couple of factors with this line lower than it should be. Nyi played last night at home winning 4-2 over Ariz. Secondly they will go with back up Greiss who is not much of a drop off if any over Varlamov. Next Ott won their last home game 5-2 vs. a depleted Det team. I have this game at 1.57 giving us excellent value.